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Blue bottles effect on tourism and public health

Blue Bottles Effect on Tourism and Public health

[image: ][image: ]Eric Abraham 12A Crawford College La Lucia Geography Project 2019

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Table of Contents

A: Introduction (Aims and Objectives)

B: Data Collection and Evaluation

C: Data Presentation

D: Analysis

E: Conclusion and Evaluation


A: Introduction

The purpose of this research is to increase public safety and to increase public health and to increase tourism. This can be achieved by preventing Blue bottles from reaching our shores causing a positive domino effect on the public health, safety and tourism in Durban. This plays a major role in sustaining the city which needs all the tourism it can get to build its sky scrapers and improve living conditions for its people and making sure the city stays clean and to make Durban a better place each day drawing more tourist to South Africa. 2.9% of South Africa’s money is from tourism which is 136″,1 Billion which south Africa relies on to grow the country and become a developed country. Durban is a very famous holiday destination with lots to do but all of that can end in disaster if our shore is infested with deadly Blue Bottles sending tourists and the public home to heal or to hospital giving Durban a bad image. This reduces tourism in Durban which could lead to ciaos which could lead to the shops that rely on tourist to struggle and this will case them to shutdown and retrench all their workers leaving them unable to support their families and prevent Durban from growing. There’s a saying “a place is not defined by is buildings and location its defined by its people” so protecting our people from the dangerous of blue bottles especially those who are uneducated of the dangers of blue bottles and treating stings incorrectly can lead to death and critical injuries.

My hypothesis is that Hot Water is the best remedy for blue bottle stings than vinegar and other remedy’s and there is a prevention method to stop blue bottles from reaching our shores and that blue bottles has a negative effect on tourism in Durban and on the public’s health and safety.

My investigation will take place at Point Waterfront where Ushaka Marine world is situated including its beach – Ushaka beach which is Durban’s most populated beach in Durban and Durban’s biggest tourist attraction.

the Point Waterfront is a harbour side town located at the entrance of the port of Durban. During the last 50 years the town suffered decay and was left mostly abandoned. The Ushaka Marine world is located in this area as well as many tourists aimed targeting shops and now in 2019 a new development of many sky scrapers worth billions. The point water front was the home of Mahatma Gandhi during the 1900s. Durban point Waterfront has become an important addition to the city and a sought-after place to live

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The factors that are being investigated is do blue bottles play a part in people choosing their holiday destination and what they do at the beachfront “,What method is currently being used to treat blue botted stings in the form of knowledge “,remedy and method, What system can be utilised to prevent blue bottles from reaching our shores, How tourism is effected when Durban’s most popular beach is infested and when it’s not infested and how does wind direction “,session, water current and water temperature effect blue bottles and them reaching our shores.

I will conduct public interviews at the beach, I will also use questionnaires as well as question life guards. I will also interview people who have been stung at the beach and also find out if the remedy used was effective and what their preferred remedy is. I will conduct a test study by getting stung by a blue bottle and then test different popular remedies to get primary evidence on the best remedy that works the best above the rest. I will document my interviews by voice recorder as well as make use of photographs and short videos to show evidence of how the stings were tested and the end result of the best remedy. I will also create a working prototype of a blue bottle prevention system. Once I have gathered all my primary and secondary research, I’ll piece together my project together with all the pictures taken and graphs and sketches including other articles and evidence related to my research together.

The reason I’ve chosen this topic is to end suffering and to remove the fear from parents and beach bathers of getting stung and having to deal with excoriating pain and if stung they will have the best remedy and method for dealing with blue bottle stings and getting rid of the pain faster, blue bottle stings can cause death as shown further in the research in the project and the second reason to help shops along the beaches from closing or making little money due to the lack or beach bathers cause of the fear of getting stung and the bigger picture of international tourism. Increased international visitors due to blue bottle free beaches and a safe and heathy public when at the beach. Giving Durban the best image painted and best city in south Africa.

B: Data Collection and Recording


· Interviews: Interviews are designed to collect a richer source of information from a small number of people about like Attributes, Behaviour, Preferences, Feelings, Attitudes, Opinions and Knowledge. They help you explain, better understand, and explore research subjects’ opinions, behaviour, experiences, phenomenon, etc. Interview questions are usually open-ended questions so that in-depth information will be collected. here are several types of interviews that will take the form of, Phone, Face-to-Face and Online (e.g. Skype, Google hangout, etc)

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· Questionnaires: A questionnaire can help to collect quickly some answers, in bulk, in short time, and it is not-money-consuming. However, the preparation of a well-designed questionnaire can be very time-consuming and spending a lot of effort. Using a questionnaire, one can, collect opinions, make research on personal traits and characteristics, Collect Demographics, Collect Daily, Monthly, Yearly habits and to record observations. A questionnaire has a lot of advantages but also it has a lot of disadvantages based on how it is used, and the aim that it is used. An unstructured questionnaire is used to collect / record something without researchers expecting to be using again that specific questionnaire – demographic studies can be an exception maybe. A structured questionnaire may be used again and again, therefore, it can be used again and again promoting reliability and result-comparison.

· Physical test conducted on self: The reason for the self-conducted test that will be conducted on my self is to gain primary research and to determine which is the best remedy to help relieve pain from blue bottle sting by experiencing the pain to the full extent and physically feeling which remedy works best.

· Photographs: To prove my primary evidence and to show the effects of each sting with its remedy and how well each one works as well as provide a reason from this research project by the person actually seeing the infestation of blue bottles

· Surveys: Collect information from a small number of people to be representative of a larger number of people to be studied, for instance, the information about their, Attributes, Behaviour, Preferences, Attitudes and Opinions. Systematically draw information from a certain population in order to, Describe demographic information (e.g., age, gender, school year, affiliation). Draw patterns from the population studied, Explain trends out of phenomenon. There are several types of surveys that come in the form of Paper and Pencil and Online (Web-based)

· Field work: Field research is defined as a qualitative method of data collection that aims to observe, interact and understand people while they are in a natural environment. For example, nature conservationists observe behaviour of animals in their natural surroundings and the way they react to certain scenarios. In the same way, social scientists conducting field research may conduct interviews or observe people from a distance to understand how they behave in a social environment and how they react to situations around them.

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· News Articles: because news articles are based on evidence it’s a clear statement of a problem or factual evidence of the problem which not only provides secondary evidence it also provides a back done for my research. News articles is important for a number of reasons within research. Mainly to inform the public about events that are around them and may affect them. News is important as a social space too, it gives insight to what is happening and the facts that are given are actually true and gives either online or physical emphasis on the matter.

· YouTube videos: This provides a massive and wide variety of information to my topic and this provides me with evidence that I am unable to get by myself. Abstract topics that once seemed difficult to learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of educational videos. Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them.

· Photography’s: secondary evidence that shows and proves my theory’s and shows the importance of my project and this could all people to take what is happening more seriously and allows me to use photographic evidence to build on my project Internet research: the reason I’m using internet research is because it allows to get information that I don’t have with ease and it provides the evidence to back my research which will help build on my project. The internet is an extraordinary resource for gaining access to information of all kinds, including historical, and each day a greater number of sources become available online. The advantages that the internet offers students are tremendous; so much so that some may be tempted to bypass the library entirely and conduct all of their research on the web.

· Interviews: their own research that has become secondary that I can use to get a base understanding of what need to been done and what my possible outcome are and this reduces the amount of mistakes that could have taken place with out the knowledge and experience of the person who as doe this before so thus for I get tips on how to improve what he did and make my mistakes less and improve my research project

· Already conducted research or Test: the reason for this method is to give me a basic understanding of what it to come and if anything goes wrong what can be done

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