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Book review


Paulo Coelho is an extremely talented and reasonable Brazilian author who is well renowned for writing books which inspires and give lessons on different aspects of life.He had written many books including the ‘The Alchemist’ which has been the best selling book and made him famous even more. ‘Brida is a book written after the series of ‘The Alchemist’ book which also helped to bring the huge success in author’s literary.The ‘Brida’ is a book which is based on fantasy and fiction.The main theme of this book is about finding the real values”,morals and finding the person who is totally connected and in love with you in order to be complete and live happily.Also to hear voice which comes from self instead of listening others.

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Here in this book, the character Brida ia a young, alluring girl who has always been keenly interested about searching for inner powers or spiritual powers rather than powers to vent to others.Her enthusiasm for searching a power and becoming witch leads her to the people who are full of intelligence like Magus and Wicca. Here the Magus is the man whom she finds on the way of meeting her fantasy. Magus feels deeply connected with Brida instantly. Despite of having mixed feelings, he agrees to teach magic to Brida only if she’ll be able to pass the test which he gives.As per the instructions, Brida passes the exam but according to Magus she didn’t have that particular way of thinking to be his student. Brida again go in search for learning magic and she manages to find the shopkeeper who sells book and he suggests her to go to Wicca in order to learn about powers or magic. He does so only to find out the main reason behind the Magus’s fascination towards her. Brida approaches to Wicca and Wicca too accepts her as a student only to find why her ex boyfriend Magus was attracted to Brida. They come to know about it only after the occasion party. Brida was necessary for the compensation of wrong deeds committed by Magus in the past and how being jealous he used powers to stand in the way of someone else freedom.

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I found this book quite interesting as this book was written in a progressive structure manner.Also this book comprises many beautiful quotations which is really inspiring. It teaches us to know who we are and what we need in our life. Basically it teaches us to be responsible and enthusiastic on our path of achieving our dreams. The character Brida was very determined and Magus was a true lover who was not in a lust but love. The characters in the book doesn’t feel like real to me as it has the spiritual content.Overall the book was pretty motivating and the quotes didn’t let me loose my focus from it.

The thing that I disliked most about this book is it wasn’t based on real context. The term powers”,witch is completely unrealistic and it frustated me a bit. It didn’t reach my expectations as I had expected a lot after reading ‘The Alchemist’ which I consider the best book till now.The words were quite not understandable for me.Also I think finding soulmate is not sufficient to be complete as happiness comes within yourself.

However”,i’d recommend others to read the book as it is worth reading. It may not be the best but it’s definitely a good one. It gives lesson about the norms and morals also it teaches to keep balance between your goals and your relationship just like how the Brida scuffle to stable her alliance and her wish to have a magical powers. It might get boring sometimes but if you truly appreciate Paulo’s work you can’t resist reading it.

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I’d like to give this book 3 and half stars out of 5.

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