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Cameron born hero project

Cameron Born Hero Project

Roman hero

Gaius Mucius Scaevola was a great Roman hero who tried to assassinate the Etruscan king. As a consequence he underwent torture. He did this bravely which impressed the king who let him free. But that is not the whole story. When the Etruscan king Lars Porsena heard that the Romans were becoming a republic he invaded the Empire and put Rome under siege. What he hoped to do was take control of the Roman Empire and bring back the recently exiled king, Tarquin the proud.

This is where his story begins. Gaius is one of three hundred brave youth who volunteered to kill King Prosena. And the first of the youth to go was Gaius who complied. One day in 508 BC Gaius Mucius snuck into the Etruscan camp and looked for the king. Since it was the pay-day for the soldiers there were 2 people dressed alike. And one of these similarly dressed people was speaking to soldiers. Gaius Mucius killed this person thinking it was the king. But it was not, it was one of his servants.

After the accidental killing Gaius Mucius was taken to King Porsena who planned on burning him alive. And Gaius Mucius said this, “I am Gaius Mucius, a citizen of Rome. I came here as an enemy to kill my enemy, and I am as ready to die as I am to kill. We Romans act bravely and, when adversity strikes we suffer bravely.” Then he put his right hand in the fire and looked at the king sternly like he did not feel pain. The king impressed freed Gaius Mucius. When freed he said, “so that you how cheap the human body is when men have their eye on great glory.” He returned to Rome as a hero and was then called Gaius Mucius Scaevola. Or left-handed. Mucius Scaevola.Date:January”,11″,2018 Made November”,23″,2018:By:Jona Lendering

My Modern Hero

Desmond Doss was born on February”,7 1919 in Lynchburg, Virginia to a family of Seventh-Day Adventists. These were people who believed that bearing arms and killing were horrible things that he should never do. All Seventh-Day Adventists believed that Saturday was the Sabbath so Desmond respected the rule. His parents would raise him to be very religiously devout. These beliefs also required him to eat a primarily vegetarian diet. Also because of his beliefs he found the Ten Commandments to be the guiding principles of his life with the sixth commandment, thou shall not kill, screaming out to him the most. After the Bible, he highly valued patriotism. He already had a more passive martial job in his hometown but decided to enlist in the military on April”,1 1942.

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He was then stationed at Fort Jackson in South Carolina for basic training with the 77th Infantry Division. Doss was given the job of rifleman but because of his Adventist beliefs he requested to be made a combat medic. But not without grief from his fellow soldiers who mocked him for not carrying a weapon. He was even pressured by his drill sergeant to carry a weapon but held firm. Doss also put in a request to get Saturdays off which landed him even more criticism from his fellow soldiers. When in the mess hall he ate none of the meat given to him which caused a soldier to come up to him and say, “ When we go into combat Doss, you’re not coming back alive. I’m gonna shoot you myself”.

The turning point of Doss’s relationship was when his company did a 25 mile hike with full field gear and rifle. Most soldiers thought Doss had it easier because he did not have to carry a rifle, but the medical equipment that he was carrying was more awkward to carry than a rifle. The soldiers had been suffering from blisters and dehydration through the whole march and when he gave them first aid and treatment, he gained the respect of his company.

Doss was to fight in the Battle of Guam in mid 1944 to fight the Japanese and regain the territory of Guam. Doss had his first combat experience during the battle of Guam. They were fighting the fierce Japanese Army in the Pacific who disregarded that he was a medic and fired on him anyway. Doss would go on to save four people in the battle including a new recruit who decided to pick up a pen not knowing it was booby trapped. Once he did pick it up a grenade went off and blew his chest open. Doss rushed to help the soldier and give him aid. Somehow doss was able to save the soldier and he was taken away on a stretcher and awaited further treatment. The Battle of Guam lasted 20 days and ended in an American victory. But at a ridiculously high cost, the causality count of the battle wa ⅙ of the entire force.

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Doss and his company would be involved in the battle of Leyte, an island in the Philippines. The battle started with a bombardment and an amphibious landing. This battle would be awful for both sides. The real fighting kicked off when the Americans started pushing further inland. One day during a Japanese attack one of Doss’s friends named Clarence Glenn was running to go save a machine gunner and was hit himself in the process. Because he was one of Doss’s friends he could not leave him behind. So Doss went with a fellow soldier to go save the machine gunner and Glenn. Doss was able to create a improvised stretcher out of a pancho and tree branches and get the machine gunner to the aid station but Glenn sadly died on the way there. The biggest thing that surprised Doss was the person who gave him death threats was now coming to him for prayer sessions. Doss was always hungry because he could not eat the meat in the military rations which endangered him while he was searching for fresh coconuts on the island.

Okinawa would be Doss’s final battle and also the bloodiest in the Pacific War. The goal was to capture the island to use it as a strategic airfield to bomb the Japanese homeland as they were only 350 miles apart. The battle started on April”,1 1945 which was the three year anniversary of Doss’s enlistment. Doss’s division”,the 77th was to climb up and attack the Mighta Escarpment or name the soldiers gave it, Hacksaw Ridge. Once they had scaled the escarpment and were on top of it they came under heavy Japanese machine gun and rifle fire and suffered major losses. They were trying to dislodge a fanatical enemy who were heavily fortified and well camouflaged. On May 4th when Doss and his unit were attacking the Japanese at a cave Doss saved 4 people in a bloody attack one of which being a lieutenant who had his hand blown up by a grenade. To help the lieutenant he got within 25 feet of the Japanese defenses and was able to get him back to friendly space. On the very next day Doss and his company was ordered to attack a pillbox. This was not uncommon but what happened was uncommon. During the attack the Japanese Banzai charge which pushed the American forces back to the cliff and they went down. But Doss refused to leave. Under constant fire and explosions going off he was able to carry the wounded to the rope on the way down and for the more injured he tied a rope around the person’s stomach and lowered by tying the rope around a tree stump and lowering them down the cliff. He did this while exhausted and, exposed to gunfire. He was praying saying, “Lord, please help me get one more”. He did this for hours and saved 75 men. He was uninjured. That would change shortly.

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On May 21st during an attack at night Doss was in a shell hole caring to a wounded soldier when a grenade went off on his foot. He had seventeen pieces of shrapnel in his foot but he still stayed for five hours caring for the wounded. When Doss was on a stretcher going to safety he saw an injured man in much worse condition than he was and asked if the soldier could be taken to safety instead of him. He got this request. Doss was later found by a soldier and escorted to safety but suffered a bullet to the elbow. Doss instructed the soldier on how to make a splint with his rifle. Doss was able to push through the pain and get to safety.

Doss was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courageous actions during The Battle of Okinawa. Most of the soldiers he saved lived. Doss would go on to die at the age of 87.


By:Katie Lange: Publisher:DOD News:published:2-28-2017

Published:12-13-2018:publisher:Simple History: Narrator:Chris Kane.


Desmond Doss and Gaius Mucius Scaevola were great heroes who were soldiers and were rewarded for their acts during their respective wars. They were people who were will to suffer to have their cause push on. They also suffered willingly and bravely. These are people who did great things and should never be forgotten.

Thank you for reading my project!

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