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Can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand

Many times in life we find ourselves asking why, one simple word, why? We oftentimes wonder why us. Or why would this person do this, why did something so awful happen, why? Justice and forgiveness go hand in hand very often. In our day in age more than not, millennials which are considered to be the age from 23-38 often feel the need to get someone back or in this situation get justice. Not only is it always just millenials that do this but oftentimes what is called Generation Z act in the same manner. Generation Z is said to range from people born in the years 1990s- early 2000s. I feel as if our generation has lost our way of communication within society and has learned more to attack/ break down a person to get justice or peace.

On March 13th, 2019 in the Nigerian city of Lagos a building containing a school collapsed, at least eight children have died and many more are feared trapped. Rescue crews have said to have pullen out 40 kids from the collapsed building. The collapsed building was a residential block, containing apartments with the the school being on the top floor. Many parents scattering looking for their child within the rubble while the other handful of parents rush to the local hospital praying that their child is there. The fear that fills throughout these parents hearts are unbearable and you can’t help but to ask, whos to blame for this?, could this have been prevented.

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Justice and forgiveness go very hand in hand in this situation. As for justice, as parents I would want justice for the children. It is hard for us to say we wouldn’t act upon a certain way when were not involved in this specific situation. Ultimately though when it comes down to it, I believe we all would act on the situation trying to get justice if it was our families involved. As the article went more into depth it was said that the owners knew there had been problems with the building for quite some time. As a family member I would never be able to forgive these people. Forgiveness follows behind justice with everything we do.

Justice and Forgiveness go hand in hand throughout life we have to learn and grow. Many of us act out in spite but learn from that. Learning how to overcome instead of acting out is apart of growing up and comes along over time. I very strongly believe that Justice and Forgiveness go hand in hand and will continue to throughout everyone’s lives.

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