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Car driving assistance and monitoring system


Aman Kumar Singh, Aashi Singh, Vangmayee Sharda, R.K. kapur

Amity University, Uttar Pradesh


India is a rich and powerful country in terms of its

scientific advancements and upcoming technologies.

Still a lot of accidents and mishaps occur on the road

which are fatal for both people walking and driving

on the road. In order to provide help and

assisting to reduce them we will be building a Car

Driving Assistance & Monitoring System. It will

help us to record the footage of car by mean of a

camera while driving which will be stored on an SD

card. Also we will use D.C. gear motor and proximity

sensors which will help us to rotate the side view mirrors

as and when required.

Keywords: Road accidents. Safety on road, assisting”,

Monitoring, Camera , Sd card, D.C. Gear motor”,

Proximity sensors.


In recent times, Road accidents have started to be fatal for humans and their lives. It is not only a cause of concern for the people driving on the road but also a primary one for the pedestrian who walk on the road. These accidents can be so dangerous that they might lead to death of people and their loved ones. There are different variables which come into record which can be the reason of mishap that is plan of the street, driver’s weakness and vehicle structure which can cause genuine and most hazardous sorts of mishaps. The fundamental purpose for the mishaps which happen so as often as possible on the streets is that heedlessness which is given amid driving a vehicle. There would lesser measure of mishaps if appropriate consideration and principles are pursued amid voyaging.

While a person is driving then it is possible that due to their

carelessness accident might occur which may harm or end up

taking his/her own life. So we will be making a system that

will help us to monitor the road and assist us while driving

so that no kind of harm or accident takes place. The basic idea

of our project is to build a prototype model of a car which will

ensure safety of the driver as well as its co passengers. The system will have sensors that will detect the cars nearby and close the side view mirrors and ultimately avoiding their breakage. It will also provide alerts to car when a car is about to collide so that we can maintain distance and avoid any kind of accidents.In case of any kind of accident the footage can be recorded which could be seen later on and used as means of evidence while claiming for insurance or refunds of any kinds .We will also have certain kinds of options which after being pressed will tell that an accident has taken place and so will inform the concerned authorities about the same. Also by use of certain sensors the condition of roads could be detected so as to maintain the speed while driving a vehicle


The principal objective of the system is to help the driver with the wellbeing perspectives – for himself and similarly so for other versatile and passerby activity members. Alongside this, it should upgrade the driving solace for the driver lastly, yet essentially, enhance the monetary and also the natural parity .Also the system should be able to provide alerts and warnings about the accident so as to help those in need .

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In this system we will we providing certain additions with the basic

structure and features of the car so as to enhance its performance

while keeping in mind the safety of a person while driving on the

road. So the establishment of the task will making a resemble a to

legitimate Car Prototype. At that point it will have two side view

mirrors which would fill its typical need i.e. for side review purposes.

After that there will two cameras. They will be utilized to record

film of the front and rears individually. The recording of the camera

will be recorded on a SD memory card which can be explored and

seen as in when required. Then we would have five nearness sensors

i.e. one will be set at the outside front of vehicle and the other four

will be put in sets of two at the left and right sides of the vehicle.

These closeness sensors will distinguish vehicles which are approaching the vehicle and will help in shutting of the side view mirrors. Likewise we would have two D.C. gear motors present underneath every one of the side view mirrors for their clockwise

and hostile to clockwise developments so as to close them. Then we will likewise be making utilization of Arduinos and G.S.M module which will help in sending a crisis message amid an accident or if someother occurrence happens on the individual recorded as an emergncy contact according to the driver of the car.


There are a lot of systems that are based on the concept of

providing safety while driving on the road. These have been

inculcated in the new upcoming car models so as to provide

the driver and its co-passengers the feeling of being safe

and comfortable at the same time.

This research paper enables us to know about how we can

monitor the road conditions which can assist us while driving.

Although there are sensors in the new versions of cars, but

by use of proximity sensors the side-view mirrors of the car

will get closed on their thus avoiding and kind of damage

or brokerage to them. By use of certain kind of sensors

road conditions could also be measured in order to decide

the average speed for driving of the vehicle based on the track

conditons. Also by certain programming of the car we would

we would be able to make the car prone to human errors such

as taking sharp turns, brake failures, speeding of vehicle etc.

Also we could use certain components in order to provide

Alerts and warnings while a accident takes place by use of GSM

Module and Arduino.


There have been various devices used in this. Few of them are explained below:

 Arduino Uno

It is a 8-bit microcontroller based on ATmega328P. It has various analog and digital input/output pins use to interface the microcontroller with several other peripherals.


GSM module is a device which is used to provide telecommunication related services. The module is based on legacy telecom technology which enables the device to work with global system for mobiles.


These are the modern day displays used instead of LCD’s. the are much more durable cheap. They can be used to display further more information as compared to LED display.

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 Power Supply:

Required : +5 to -5V of supply

Transformer : 230/50HZ AC voltage

Secondary winding: 12/50 Hz.

 Sensors:

Sensors are the devices which are used to convert different physical parameters to electrical signals. They can be either active or passive depending on the system.

a) Ultrasonic sensor :

These sensors are used to sense and calculate the separation estimates between two objects. It is an active sensor which is widely used in modern day robotics.

b) Piezoelectric pressure sensor :

These sensors have an inbuilt amplifier which converts high impedance charge to low. These sensors record the pressure exerted from the outer object.

 Camera:

Camera is a device which is used to record the video if the surroundings. There are two cameras used in the project which are used to record the video footage of the front and the back of model.

 D.C motor:

It is a device which converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. It is used to rotate turbines , wheels and many more things using electrical energy.

 Bluetooth Module:

This is a wireless technology that allows data to be exchanged over short distances from fixed and mobile devices and to establish personal networks.


The working of this model is totally based on the arduino. As it is a kind of microcontroller so we program it as per the user requirement. Here we are using an arduino uno which is connected to several peripheral devices like sensors, camera, D.C motor, GSM module, LCD.

• Whenever a car is moving at a higher speed and an object comes in its way the car will automatically apply the brakes. All this process was governed by the aruino and the ultrasonic sensor.

• Whenever there is a collision with the vehicle the pressure sensors will record exact force of collision and store it in the memory slot along with the video of the accident. This mechanism will also act as a black box for the vehicle.

• When there is very less space on both sides of the car the system will automatically fold the side mirrors.

• In case of any above mentioned emergency the device will send a text message to various emergency services.


Some of the future prospects are, for example:

• When there is a possibility of collision, the cars can be programmed to change the speed as well as their direction to prevent collision (based on self driven cars).

• The processor can be used as the brain of the car which can detect faults in the car like possibility of engine seizure, brake failure before they lead to an accident.

• Sensors can be used to detect prevailing weather conditions as well as the condition of the track to regulate the speed of the car within safe limits and so on.


The principal goal of ADAS is to assist the driver with the security points of view – for himself and correspondingly so for other convenient and individual by walking development individuals. Adjacent to this, ADAS should redesign the driving comfort for the driver ultimately, yet basically, upgrade the money related and likewise the environmental balance.So on a very basic level the whole idea of the errand is to develop a Car Assistance and Monitoring System which will help us with guaranteeing security and thriving of the driver in total. So these days a lot of setbacks and occurrences happens as a result of some impoliteness of the person who is driving a vehicle. These setbacks influence their very own lives and also puts the life of their loved ones in peril.

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The fundamental idea of our endeavor is to build a model of an auto which will ensure prosperity of the driver and also its co explorers. So we will basically be making a model that will put the likelihood that we have in our cerebrum in building an undertaking subject to the possibility of ADAS.

So the foundation of the endeavor will be established on an auto made of compacted wood and with truck wheels joined to it. Along these lines influencing it to look like a suitable Car Prototype. By then it will have two side view mirrors which would fill its standard need i.e. for side audit purposes. After that there will two cameras out of which one will be [placed the front and another at the back of the auto. They will be used to record film of the front and backs independently. The chronicle of front camera will be recorded on a SD memory card which can be assessed and seen as in when required while the account of the back camera will be appeared on a LCD indicate screen that will be put inside the front side of the auto.

By then we would have five closeness sensors i.e. one will be set at the outside front of auto and the other four will be set in sets of two at the left and right sides of the auto. These closeness sensors will perceive vehicles which are moving toward the auto and will help in closing of the side view mirrors. Moreover we would have two D.C. equip motors present underneath all of the side view mirrors for their clockwise and threatening to clockwise improvements with the ultimate objective to close them.

Behind the back protion of the auto will be a weight switch which will perceive another vehicle moving closer from the back towards the auto and after that it will turn on the chronicle of the back camera on the LCD screen in theee car.Then we will moreover be making use of Arduinos and G.S.M module which will help in sending an emergency message in the midst of a misfortune or if some other event occurs on the individual recorded as an emergncy contact as indicated by the driver of the car.Also we will make usage of P.C.B board, Resistors”,Capacitors and other little parts for the arrangement of the electrical circuit for this assignment Thus this will be the very basic idea of our project in brief.


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