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The 6 trends in the car that will mark 2019

Automobile changes 2019

Vicente Cano

02/01/2019 – 07:45



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Some of the six trends that will shape 2019 car and began to emerge in the last months of 2018. And is that since the end of January there will be a change that will affect all drivers that running on conventional roads , where the maximum speed will generic to be only 90 km / h.

Only on roads with physical separation between both directions will the 100 km / h be maintained as the maximum speed. It is one of the many measures to try to reduce a loss that will bring significant changes to the engine this 2019 . If the number of deaths on the road is reduced, the statistics will have been inverted, otherwise it will be a confirmed trend.

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There is another trend of the engine for this 2019 that also have been brewing in 2018: car producers need to attract a different audience by including a growing amount of technology. But this is only possible if the brands always align with startups , hardware manufacturers and software companies .

Below you can see the 6 most important trends of 2019 facing the car

1. New speed limits

Speed ​​90 km / h

The generic limit of conventional roads is reduced by 10 km / h. From January 28, only 90 km / h can be driven on the highway . This measure will affect about 10″,000 km of the State Highway Network. Towards the middle of the year, a new maximum speed will also be applied in all cities: 30 km / h. The risk of dying in an accident is reduced between 5 and 8 times when the speed is reduced from 50 to 30 km / h.

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2. The arrival of charging points for electric cars

puntos de recarga de coche eléctrico

Currently, there are some 3″,500 charging points for electric cars throughout Spain , but by the end of 2019 they should be more than triple. And what is more important, several hundred of them will be installed on roads , especially at gas stations located on the main Spanish roads. Several are the operators that will make it possible, finally, to cross the country with an electric: Endesa, Iberdrola, Cepsa and Nissan are the ones pushing the most in this direction.

There will also be many more points where you can load the car on public roads , although in this sense it would be necessary to demand a little more from the municipalities. The week before Christmas, Madrid announced its plan to create 20 of these charging stations, a rickety number if the restrictions imposed on the most polluting cars are taken into account since one third of the electric cars sold in Spain circulate for the capital.

3. Spanish roads will continue in free fall

Cambios automóvil 2019

The Spanish Road Association has been denouncing that almost 7″,000 million euros are needed to recover the road surfaces and other elements of the Spanish roads. In December, the Race has published the Euro RAP 2018 report, which carries out an audit in 24″,889 km of the network, where sections with high or very high accident risk have risen 10% since the last report of two years ago.

These results also match those of a survey that Race, BP and Castrol have just published , in which they have asked 2″,000 drivers. According to the results of this study, up to 73% of drivers would have made incorrect decisions because of bad signaling . For its part, Fomento has published another report in which it recognizes that there are 66 bridges in Spain with serious structural problems. The thing begins to give miedito.

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4. Driver training will improve

Infracciones que te pueden costar puntos al volante

It is one of the measures that, in the medium term, should improve road safety . From mid-2019, a driving school will have to be attended in person in order to be able to take the driver’s license exam . This change was announced by the Minister of the Interior, Grande-Marlaska, in December, when he also confirmed that those who conduct a safe driving course would get two more points on their driver’s license.

5. 11 mandatory safety systems will be established in each car

Una mujer se abrocha el cinturón de seguridad

The list of security systems that all cars will have to carry for sale in the EU from 2021 will close this year and as with many of these obligations, many brands will apply before the initial date. The 11 measures that are shuffled are an event data recorder , an emergency stop signal, improved frontal protection with new belts and more demanding tests in crash tests.

The other systems that all European cars must carry are additional protection for pedestrians’ heads in case of collision, safety glasses, adaptive speed control with frontal radar, active lane maintenance assistant, reinforcements in the side structures to improve in the crash test against posts and rear camera or a detection system. The list could even be extended to 15 measures.

6. Taxes on diesel, boost to electric

BMW Serie 5 (diésel), u Mercedes Clase E (gasolina), un Toyota Prius (plug-in hybrid), un Audi A5 Sportback (gas), un Hyundai Nexo (pila de combustible) y un Tesla Model S (eléctrico)

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If the Law of General Budgets 2019 is approved , there will be aids to electric cars sustained over time. Minimum, until the following year, when it is planned to dedicate some 200 million euros to the re-edition of the Renove Plan to scrap the oldest passenger cars. A plan expected by the entire sector and more when 2019 ends if the forecast of Faconauto that sales to individuals will be reduced by 6% is confirmed.

The money to boost sales in 2020 will come from 30% of the extra revenue generated by higher diesel taxes . In total, Finance calculates some that will get about 670 million and for this there will be no wait because the rise of diesel will arrive at the beginning of the year and will cost about 7 euros more to fill the deposit.


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