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Principles of Management

Assignment 1

Developing a Career Strategy

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Name:Aditya Rangarajan

Roll Number: 16EE103


A career plan is a process in which you make a plan for your future as you progress through various levels of learning and various jobs. A career plan involves assessing your current situation and making a plan that best suits your interests, at the same time keeping in mind your current situation. Making a career plan helps a person be clear about what he wants to do in the future. Having a clear idea about your future helps you to plan your course of action.

Once a career plan has been developed, it can be subjected to minor changes as and when the need arises. This flexibility allows you to explore various means of achieving the same goals. The end goal is of utmost importance and how one achieves it can change based on the situation and a person’s economic and social conditions.

Developing a career plan involves many of the functions of management vis-a-vis planning and organizing. In this assignment, I have tried to develop a career plan for the next 20 years of my life.

Immediate Goals

My goal for the next few months is to perform to the best of my ability during my summer internship at Texas Instrument in Bangalore starting on 6th May and lasting up to 5th July.

During my time at Texas Instruments, I hope to put the knowledge, that I have acquired during the three years at college, to practice. Also in the meantime, I would like to know the work culture that is prevalent in the corporate world.

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After my internship, I would sit for placements and try to get a job in a company that best matches my profile.

I would then like to pass college with the best possible grades that I can achieve, knowing that I have worked very hard during my time here.

Step to achieve these goals

To make the best use of my time during my internship, I would have to work very hard. I will have to complete any assignment given to me in the stipulated time. Building a good rapport with your manager is of utmost importance. The managers are the ones who will guide you during the entire course of the internship. The managers will be there when any doubt arises in your mind. I hope to get a pre-placement offer from the company.

After the internship is completed, regular college begins. Working hard during the year will help me get a good grade during the year. There will be a major project during the final year. This project aims at promoting research in the college. Completing this project will help me gain insight into different advanced principles of electrical engineering.

During the course of the year, there will be many companies that visit the company to hire students. I would like to get placed into one such company, whose profile matches best with mine. To prepare for the placement tests and interview, I will revise the concepts taught to me during the previous three years at this college. Once, the test is cleared, there will be interviews. Interviews are an important part of the hiring performance. To perform well in the interviews, I will revise some advanced concepts and also try to remain calm during the interview.

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Resources required to achieve these goals

During the internship, I will be staying in Bangalore. The city is a whole new place for me. During the two months there, I will have to make arrangements for accommodation, food, and transportation. The stipend received as part of the internship will take care of most of the necessities. But, I might have to learn cooking to sustain myself during the two months. Apart from the internship, the other goals don’t require any additional resources.

From the year 2020 to 2022

After getting placed in a firm of my choice, I would like to gain some more experience first as a trainee and then as a junior employee during the course of my first two years at the firm. I would like to further my knowledge while I am there.

At the same time, I will prepare for the GRE. I plan to take the GRE(Graduate Record Examination) in the year 2021. I hope to perform well in the GRE.

After my two years with the firm, I will apply to various graduate schools in the US, Canada, and other countries, based on my GRE score. I hope to do an MS with the best possible grad school.

I plan to go for MS in the fall of 2022, that is, August 2022.

Steps to achieve the goals

The first step in achieving the above goals is to work hard during the final year of my college and prepare well for the interviews. After clearing the interviews, you will be selected. During the first year, you are a trainee in the firm. I would perform my duties diligently and meticulously. The two years in my company will help me improve my overall profile, which in turn will help me get into a good grad school.

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To prepare for GRE, I will take out one to one-and-a-half hour from my daily schedule. Daily study and practice will help me prepare well for the GRE. Solving ample questions of each type will only improve my score.

Resources Required to achieve the goals

Again, the firm where I will get placed may not be in my home town of Mumbai. So, I will have to take care of my accommodation, food, and transport. These will require a considerable amount of monetary resources.

While preparing for the GRE, I will have to buy various books that are required to prepare for the GRE. These books cost upwards of a thousand rupees each. Again, I will incur a large expense to pay for these books.

From the year 2022 to 2024

I plan to leave for MS in the fall of 2022, that is August of 2022. Higher education abroad on an average takes two years to complete. During the two years, I hope to perform my duties as a student to the fullest of my capacity. Since the tuition fee abroad is very high, I plan to take the position of a Research Assistant or a Teaching assistant at the grad school. This will help me get a waiver in my tuition fee.

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