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Case of justice: he was the victim of injustice due to a misunderstanding of his illness

Man of Latino descent , 44-year-old, who lived on an apartment with maximum security where not everyone could economically live. He went in and out as his residence as everyone who lives in the apartment. The only problem with living here in the United State is that nobody knows anyone, everyone lives their life and doesn’t care who is around them. This man was a retired U.S. Navy soldier with a high rank, he had a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and two years of law school. He was sick, suffering from the liver and waiting for a transplant so he could continue to live healthy. Despite this he was a very respectful, courteous, friendly, helpful man and liked to help all who needed him. So much so that he was the first person who helped me to meet Wichita, look for work, college, shops, hospitals and housing when I came to this country. I never saw him in a bad mood, mocking someone, not even screaming or talking aloud. One day at 2:30 am, he was at his house and they started some terrible pains that could not hold on so strong that they were. He was alone, disoriented and all he could do was call his brother, his brother did not get fast he stopped, opened the door of his apartment, walked to the front and knocked on the front door to ask for help. At that time a 17-year-old girl opened the door and collapsed on top of her. The girl started screaming that she woke her mother and stepfather. The man had come out in boxer, was sweating, screaming and complaining a lot of pain. The stepfather wrongly understood what happened called the police because he thought he was drugged.

The girl said that he wanted to abuse her, rape her, that he was drunk or was an addict. As soon as the police arrived, they handcuffed him. They were going to take him in, but before a policeman went to the apartment to get a coat and his I.D. and saw all the medicine in his bedroom, so he thought he was a drug addict and believed everything the girl said about the poor sick man. The poor man was sweating and complaining from the pain without being able to say word. By the time they are going to take him to the patrol, his brother, the one who had called for help to take him to an emergency room came. He made a mistake, not calling 911. The brother saw that his brother was in boxer, with a jacket, handcuffed and ready to be transferred to a police station, he asks these who was going, that towards his sick brother. The cops asked who he was, because he was asking so many questions about his detainee. He identifies himself as the elder brother of a sick man, who had called him because he needed to go to an emergency room because he had a lot of pain and was not feeling well. The policeman explains to him that he tried to abuse the neighbor girl from the front apartment, rape her, that he was drugged and drunk so he would be prosecuted by sexual predator, rapist and drug addict. As a rapist, sexual predator, drug addict would be given many years in prison. His brother explained that he was seriously ill, that he was a liver transplant patient, that it was not true what the girl said, that they had to take him immediately to an emergency room to stabilize him and take away the pain he had. He needed urgent help, so please take him to the Wesley hospital they already knew about his case there. Please take him to the hospital as soon as possible. The police proceeded to take him to the hospital and there they called his bedside doctor, they treated him, stabilized him and began his treatment. The cops realized that the man was really sick and that he had acted asking for help and not how the girl wanted to see him. The parents of the girls were furious, they wanted to make see that the man was bad and that the daughter said the truth. But the problem did not end there, because the girl and her family wanted to hurt him, saying that he wanted to abuse her, that he was crazy, a drug addict, a sexual predator, they wanted to show that they were right because he was half dressed and at 2:30 am I try to hurt her. He was summoned, they went to court several times and he had to prove that he was an honorable person, that he was sick, that he was waiting for his liver transplant, that at that time he needed help to go to an emergency room Because he could not stand the pain anymore, he went out to ask for help, if he had made a mistake and it was NOT to call 911. But unfortunately they wanted to hurt him and did not want to give in. They kept insisting that he was a sexually ill, rapist. So much was his so the man had to move out of his apartment as the stepfather threatened him with a gun and was going to kill him. He moved to avoid problems with that family, he could prove that he was innocent, that everything was still misunderstood due to his illness, that he was waiting for a transplant to save his life. This situation affected him emotionally, having been involved in a legal problem that he could not even believe. For he was an impeccable man, with a record of the untouchable army and excellent student and future lawyer. He fought, fought for his innocence, but unfortunately he lost the battle against his illness, dying three months before he had his new liver.

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Today in our diary live either by work, studies or simply not interested in what is around you. That may not cause ignorance, including your neighbors, even your community. There is the thought and belief of everything that is with drugs is a junkie, a rapist and even a murderer. In This case the person is under the effects of a strong medication, the excruciating pain to the point that loses the reason, orientation that instinctively what he wants is help. He calls a relative, who in this case is his older brother. Once more mistake he made was not to call the 911. As this did not arrive decides to go out to ask for help. There is a situation that would trigger a series of accusations just because they did not know that their neighbor was sick and needed help. It’s easier to point and accuse than to say let me see what’s going on.

Police arrive see the situation does not investigate and proceed to arrest and accuse him violating the civil rights of harmed. You have to know how to distinguish between a drug addict and a sick person and that I could determine a doctor. The elder brother arrives and seeing what is happening is astonished and does not understand the reason for the injustice that is being committed with him, he explains to the police the condition of his brother’s illness and proceed to take him to an emergency room and there is indicated what happens to our main character. But when living in a privileged area, the neighbors cannot understand that it is a sick person, in a terminal state because it depended on a transplant for a better quality of life, with a strong drug use to survive and carry their disease , this has caused him a lot of prejudice, racism, being a minority and so he lives in the United States.

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Prejudice will always be everywhere because people are only interested in their daily lives and not those of others. On top of that our character has to show he has an illness, to prove that he is an exemplary citizen before the law and he has to fight to get out of the situation. This goes well with justice, he was able to prove his innocence but unfortunately our society judged by appearances and not by realities. Our character had to ask for order of protection since he was expelled by order of the administration of where he lived. The administration and neighbors did not care what the judge ruled in court, they decided on their own that a person with those qualities could not live in that community. He had a protective order at the time of his removal and delivery of his apartment.

Unfortunately the dream of a liver transplant was never effected since death touched it after it happened. The pressure exerted by the society, the depression, the injustice, the cruelty were determining factors in its end, because it was always believed a bad influence and that accelerated or worsened its quality of life. “Just Mercy”

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