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Causes and effects of stress

In Canada, 73% of working group, aged between 20 and 65 endure tension in their daily life (Global News, 2018). According to Segal (2018) Stress is emotional and mental state of human at the time of reply to any demand, dangerous situation or obligation. In today’s hectic life, people encounter some degree of anxiety due to their busy schedule and curious to fulfill their dreams and want to earn more and more money. The prominent reason of stress may be internal and external that essay will elucidate in subsequent paragraphs.

First of all, there are some external causes of tension such as financial scarcity, family and relationship concerns, work and school related issues and major alteration in life. Destitute people face shortage of finance to meet their basic need like food and shelter or pay dept therefore, they feel hard to sleep, eat less and reduce their social interaction because of worry only. (Segal, 2018). In family, communication problems, separation due to death, misunderstanding, work and family imbalance contribute to develop anxiety. Keeping secrets, envy with other family members, impose stern restrictions on juveniles develop frustration and become roots of conflicts, thus, adults perceive depressed and alienation and youngsters may be addicted to drugs due to family troubles (CABA, n.d.).

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Work overload is another major cause of stress. Most entrepreneurs encounter tension about the loss in the business. According to Krantz and Lundburg (2006) white-collar job deals with less stress because employees with white-collar jobs participate in top level management position so their involvement in domestic chores is limited. However, persons who counter heavy workload and family onuses, experience huge despondency. Lower job performance and less productivity lead to job dissatisfaction, so, people feel anxious about their job loss (Segal, 2018). Workload tensions give birth to Poor judgement, concentration problems, sleeplessness, heart diseases and memory loss.

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According to Segal (2018), Unrealistic thinking, lack of confidence and courage to handle challenges, and pessimism are some internal tensions. Most people set their career goals which are unspecific, non-manageable, unachievable, unrealistic or not time based, therefore they feel sadness, isolation and anger on small mistakes due to non-achievement of targets, thus chances of metal problems and memory loss are increased. Apart from this, pessimistic behaviour is a kind of psychological stress. Pessimistic behaviour brings negative psychological results because pessimistic person has no hope and confidence and thinks about merely worst aspects of life, which makes life dissatisfied (Chang, 2002). Therefore, pessimistic person generates poor judgement, negative emotions and unable to concentration, which can be cause of memory problems and irregular sleeping and eating habits also.

In conclusion, external and internal stress are precarious because both direct the human life toward unhealthy lifestyle and death. Hereby, people should be always optimistic, and they must consume balance diet to keep healthy lifestyle and have the strength and courage to properly tackle all hardships like work and family related obstacles and financial problems. Thus, human life can be filled with enjoyment and glory moments.

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