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Chicago trip

Here we are again, closing out another year in Chicago.

So there is literally one thing left to do and

that is to look back on the good, the bad and just plain weird things that happened in Chicago this year.

The year kicks off with the Amazon hype overflowing from last year as Chicago the top 20 finalists for the new headquarters.

Cities vying for Amazon’s attention, were

going all in for amazon, in Chicago.

A couple named their baby Chicago, after the fathers apparent fondest for the city and the iconic Rock and Roll McDonalds downtown was demolished. Its being replaced by a more modern flagship

store, without the rock and roll memorabilia.

February brought snow to Chicago as we saw 9 consecutive days of snowfall. Tied with the current record on hand. Dibs, shovels, and salt were in full swing

as South West airlines announced they ranout of De icer and had to cancel 250 flights.

Probably not the best news to receive at the airport, but it was worse for the editor of the Chicago Reader who upon returning to O’Hare learned that he had been fired, he was returning from his honeymoon. His replacement only lasted ten days after

he release this controversial cover.

That brings us to one of the more overarching stories of 2018. The 2018 Illinois gubernatorial election would take place on November 6th.

Bruce Rauner was seeking re-election and JB Pritzker wanted to unseat him.

The two billionaires spent a combined $207 million on their campaign.

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Flyers, tv ads, Spotify ads, youtube, facebook, Instagram, you really had to be living under a rock to avoid this one.

In the end, JB Pritzker won and will become the 43rd governor of Illinois.

Back to February, where we also had the launch of Block Club Chicago, the neighborhood news organization which launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Aimed to fill the shoes of the departed DNAinfo. Also, departing Chicago was the John Hancock Center, not the building, just the name. It is now officially known as 875 North Michigan Avenue.

Although, as is the tradition in Chicago, we

will still call it the John Hancock

Center like Sears Tower and Cominsky Park. You know, it probably makes financial sense for companies, after 30 years, to stop leasing the building naming rights because here in Chicago we’re not going to call it by anything else.

It was March Madness here in Chicago, with the Loyola men’s basketball team making it to the Final Four of the NCAA.

Although they didn’t advance to the final”,

their 98-year-old team Chaplin Sister Jean”,

became a national star and her merch was selling like hotcakes.

Speaking of unexpected stars, the Chicago Blackhawks had to call up an emergency goalie when playing Winnipeg. Scott Foster, a 36-year-old accountant had

to play the final 14 mins of regulation as both Blackhawks goalies on hand were injured.

He stopped all 7 shots on goal he faced, which help the team keep their commanding lead and win the game 6-2.

Houston got its own Bean, Cloud Column by Anish Kapoor which is the same artist being Cloud Gate in Chicago, or The Bean.

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This led to the best newspaper banter of

the year between the Chicago Tribune and Houston Chronicle. I usually don’t tell the newspaper what I want, but I want more of this.

You’d also be surprised if you tuned into

97.9FM, a Christian radio station, also known as the iconic rock station. The Loop closed on the 10th of March and its final song was ACDC’s, “Highway to hell” its an Australian band by the way.

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