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College essay

As a Mexican-American, I am forever bound to the hyphen.I played Loteria

growing up, not Monopoly.On my birthday, second cousins would push my face

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into a cake, take pictures, and get napkins, in that order.Growing up in a

small rural town in the south that is primarily agricultural is anything but

easy. Getting into nostalgic moods due to las corridas that would play at la

pulga every Sunday . As an adolescent you want nothing more than

to fit in and for a long time that was near impossible for me. If it wasn’t my

slightly brown tinted skin tone or unusually dark black hair covering my head”,

arms, and legs, then it was a name like “Nancy Crespo” that really set me a

part.The chanting of “Let’s build the wall” or “Let’s make America great

again”, “You need to go back to Mexico” are common phrases that have not left

my vicinity, sadly. Racism is more than bullying, it is a prejudice that

persists because significant components of society either share this attitude”,

condone it or refuse to challenge it.Facing discrimination based on my

ethnicity, race, culture, poverty, and my use of the Spanish language has lived

with me since I was a child yet I have never let it stop me. Me being me, I am

such a conversationalist and a huge stickler for that.I hate small talk, I love

hearing people’s life stories, picking their brains and love people that are

not afraid to delve into something with substance.We are only on this Earth

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for so much time so why spend our time talking about extraneous things like the

weather or the Kardashians when we can learn from each other instead. The only

true thing that we have to offer each other in this world is knowledge. This

has been manifested in me since was little and was taught to speak both

languages to further my love of mindless chatter, very loudly might I

add.Talking has always been my way of dealing with stuff it has the power to

completely change what others think of you. I have been called many things due

to my nature such as obnoxious, self-centered, egotistical among other things”,

but is it really such a bad thing to be vocal? To want to be involved, to want

to listen and be listened in this world. Likewise I am also a thinker.I think a

lot and always say more than I mean. Sometimes so much so that it gets

awkward.That it gets tense.My long-term motivation for academics came when I

began to understand the journey and hardships my parents overcame in spite of

coming to the United States for a better future. Leaving their extended family

in Valle de Santiago, Mexico, my parents wanted to provide our family with a

house, sufficient food, and the opportunity to go to college; privileges they

would have loved to have growing up. Their hard work and humility would never

be taken for granted, but rather an everyday motivation to give it my all.

After living paycheck to paycheck, saving to go to Mexico every year has always

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been something that helped me know how to envelop myself into a world I have

never known and help branch my worldly view of thinking.Yet, this ambiguity of

existence, however, has granted me the opportunity to absorb the best of both

worlds.This melange of cultures in my English-meets-Spanish room embodies the

diversity that characterizes my international student life. In having my

Mexican soccer jersey hanging next to my printed copy of the Declaration of

Independence, it reveals the pair of nations I know as home.I have learned to

accept my “ambiguity” as “diversity”,” as a third-culture student embracing both

identities in this diverse community that I am blessed to be a part of.

Do I consider myself Mexican or American?

Now, after proudly answering “both”, I can simply just say human.

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