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Communication skills [image: c:userstalha juttdownloadsdocumentsdownload.Png]

Communication skills [image: C:UsersTalha JuttDownloadsDocumentsdownload.png]

Communication skills [image: C:UsersTalha JuttDownloadsDocumentsdownload.png]

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[image: C:UsersTalha JuttDownloadsWhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 6.49.51 PM.jpeg]Relationship between food, fitness and weight

Food, fitness and weight are words which we usually encounter every day in our life. Those are words which we can hear anywhere. It can be in the street, park, malls, etc. In connection to the question, those 3 words are connected to each other or in other words; relationship.Health Is a Relationship between You and Your Body

When we talk about food, we can think of much information. It is all about what we have every day. With a simple statement, it is about the things we people and animals eat. It is also a particular food we take every day. And of course, it is about the substances taken in by plants and used for growth. It is the very common that we always have every day. It is part of our survival as human. Now when we talk about fitness, still we can think of much information. Since it is fitness, it is all about the quality of being fit. It is the capacity of an organism to survive. Fitness also talks about health wherein it is the condition of being well from diseases. Now, we have here the word weight. When we talk about weight, it is about the measurement that indicates how heavy a person or thing is. It talks about the heaviness of a person.

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Free Yourself from the Diet Mentality to Create Space for a Healthy Relationship with Food and Your Body

Since we are talking about their relationship, it is true that they are connected to each other. Food is connected to fitness in the sense that if we intake food in our body there is effect to our development which talks about fitness. While fitness is also connected to weight in a way that when we intake much food in our body that is also the time where in our body expands and it will make our body be in the huge size and there it talks about weight. They always go in the process of our living. Hence, those three words are connected to each other.

Although weight loss is mostly dictating by dietary habits, exercise and healthy eating should not go unnoticed. Not only is exercising a complement to weight loss and maintenance, but healthy eating plays a large role in fitness levels, including its value in post-workout recovery. Aside from the physical gains of exercise, being active promotes mental wellbeing, showing to boost the mood and lessen feelings of depression and anxiety.

With all different forms of exercise out there, health experts and enthusiasts suggest the best kind of activity is subjective, with the most valuable exercise being the one individual actually complete and enjoy participating in. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) further positions individuals should perform greater than 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week for weight loss, with more than 250 minutes showing to provide clinically significant weight loss.

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It is concluded that human body is dependent on food fitness and weight. And they are connected to each other in such a way;

· Without healthy food human body can’t work properly.

· Fitness is necessary for healthy physic for working is due to healthy food.

· Fitness and food are basically required for ideal weight.


Khwaja Fareed University Of Engineering And Technology


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