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Competition: is it healthy

Being a risk taker, being principled, and being caring are traits that both Rudy and the MYP learner profile traits have in common. At the start of the movie, Rudy shows that he is a risk taker by traveling to South Bend in the middle of the night to see if there is any way he could play on the football team (Anspaugh). He took the risk to leave his job and his family and everyone he knows and loves to go and try pursue a career in football, a topic which he is very knowledgeable in, which is yet

another MYP learner trait. Rudy shows excellent principles and determination when he continues to go to practice and go to all the games, even though he’s smaller than everyone else and is constantly being pushed around by his fellow teammates, and when he sees that his girlfriend is with someone else, he takes it with dignity and accepts that it was his fault for running away and leaving her all alone (Anspaugh).

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Rudy also shows excellent balance by accepting and realizing that in order to excel at football, he must also excel in education, and continuously gets good grades throughout his time at Notre Dame. While Rudy portrays and excels in many of the MYP learner traits such as balancing, being principled, and risk taking, he fails to exhibit other traits such as reflecting and communicating. While at practice, Rudy fails to reflect on his abilities and that ends up with him getting injured multiple

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times because of his refusal to accept his limitations. Rudy also fails to exhibit communication, as he is seen lying to a girl he likes and constantly trips on his words. Overall, Rudy exhibits many MYP learner traits, he fails to exhibit all of them.

Competition is often seen as either good or bad with little to no in between, with the good aspect often being ignored in order to highlight the bad. Having competition at a young age can help encourage and teach kids about valuable lessons such as persistence, how to cope with stress, and healthy relationships (Admin). However, competition, like everything in life, is good in moderation but too much can lead to dangerous consequences.

Competition has so many positive influences on people, and the example of positive influence of competition is myself. From ages 2-14, I was in a competitive soccer league that helped shape who I am today. I am a naturally competitive person and I absolutely loved being able to go out on the soccer field and be better than everyone else on the field and be the best midfielder on the team. Soccer have me the ability to get out my anger and it made my push myself to be the best I could be, and

I made some of my best friends on my soccer team. However, the most important lesson I learned from soccer was how to lose, and that has helped me throughout all of my life, knowing that I will not always be the best and that I cannot win everything in life and being okay with it is one of the most valuable life lessons I have ever learned and helped me push myself to be the best I could be.

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While competition helped me in so many ways, it doesn’t always have a positive influence on people. Katherine DeWitt was an exemplary student and gold medal track star at Penn University who contemplated suicide after a 60 on her calculus final resulted in her inability to major in mathematics like she had planned. She was not the only Penn student who thought that suicide was the only way out, as there was a string of 6 Penn student suicides in a 13 month stretch. All the deaths occured because the stress and competition of good grades got to student to the point that they felt death was the only way out of their situation (Scelfo).

Competition is often viewed as good or evil, with little in between. Little kids thrive of of competition and it allows them to try and be their best in a healthy and carefully observed way, and it helps teach them how to lose, a very important skill. In the movie Rudy, Rudy has an unyielding will and dream of being able to dress for and it is the competition that drives Rudy to be the best he can be and eventually leads to him achieving his dream of dressing for a Notre Dame game (Anspaugh).

Unlike adults, children are unable to truly understand how truly competitive the worlds is. From job interviews to college applications to getting in line at the grocery store the quickest, everything in life is a competition, regardless of whether or not it has a major impact on your life (Draisin). Healthy competition should be encouraged in youth by means of sports teams, extracurriculars such as speech and debate, or mental sports such as chess and puzzle competitions, but it should never push children past their comfort limit or feel as if the competition is the only thing that they have to live for.

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Competition should not be the main driving point in a person’s life, instead it should be more like Rudy. Rudy had competition as a driving force and helped him accomplish his dreams, but he never pushed himself to the extreme causing himself to severely injure himself (although some minor wounds were inflicted). Overall, competition is absolutely necessary in children and adults, and a healthy amount of competition in later life is highly beneficial to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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