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Connected by the oceans; can we work together to protect the environment?

Connected by the oceans; can we work together to protect the environment?

“The Earth does not belong to us; We belong to the Earth” said by Marlee Martin. We all know that the Earth is a miracle. The climates, plants, animals and humans all are a miracle made by planet Earth. All of us have equal rights on Earth, but we selfish humans destroy all of those living things all ourselves as well! Let’s examine this situation.

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Now talking about the 21st century incidences. It’s one of the most life changing centuries in our lives. We are having both good and bad changes. The bad effects have played a major role in the destruction of our lives. Climate changes have changed in a bad way and are killing many people lives or basically destroying Habitats of other Organisms. G lobal warming, marine pollution, plastic waste and many more. As humans, we must save our habitat. I also think that the marine life is mostly polluted, and many sea creatures have been killed.

To emphasize on the problems caused by pollution of marine life. The most common destruction of marine life is by oil. Oil spilling has played a bad role in the sea. By oil spilling three quarter of the marine life has been destructed. Oil spilling destroys the marine land, it includes the sand in the beach, the life in the sea and the sea bed. By the spilling of oil humans will have no oil in the future. The amount of oil will reduce, and we will surely runout of oil one day if oil if oil spilling continues. Next is by fertilizers, as this runoffs from farms the extra nutrients cause eutrophication (flourishing of algal blooms that deplete the water’s dissolved oxygen and suffocate other marine life). Seas of garbage, sewage disposal and toxic chemicals; by the flow of these harmful items the sea life gets destructed, destroyed and many organisms die by these problems. Many Penguins, Turtles, sea birds are dying because of all these destructive incidents which happen. The whole Marine Food chain is been destroyed because of humans’ small errors caused in the environment.

To talk about the next main problem caused in the common environment; Global Warming! The destructor of the century! Global warming is caused by us (humans). We contribute towards the global warming and we produce smoke, greenhouse gases, harmful and toxic fumes and many more nasty things. By this itself forty five percent of the artic has melted and the creatures in the artic has no place to go but Heaven has they have nowhere to live. So Many innocent cute looking creatures have been put to threat as their endangered. By looking at the bad effects taken to the environment I could approximately tell them that every animal is endangered. By Global Warming there has been continuous flooding in coastal areas, Hurricanes, Frequent heat waves and many more. All living organisms have the right to live in the world. By humans, they suffer and die in pain. The cutting down of trees also effects the environment and effects human life. We will not be able to breathe in oxygen if we don’t have green trees. We will not have rain, shelter etc without trees. By all these events we could see how much we hurt the environment and the animals including the marine life.

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I think that the Governments of each country should firstly stop fighting with each other. Many Civil wars and World wars are the openings of all these environmental problems. The usage of weapons, nuclear bombs etc, are the main causes for these sub-problems. For example, the World War Two was one of the most intense and hazards wars on Earth. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing event were a major destruction to Japan’s land and to Planet Earth as well! Its still affected because of a major bombing event!

How could we stop this complication? Could we all work together as humans and protect the environment? Yes, we all could if we cooperate with each other and every countries government should also give support. The UN should play a major role for the governments to obey.

Plastic water bottles are another headache for the environment. Many people use plastic bottles to drink water and throw it in the Sea or Ocean. By this many Fishes choke and die. We could stop this problem by using “Reusable water bottles”. We could also ban these “plastic water bottles”. Plastic items should be banned as to the fact its dangerous and could choke anyone. Instead we could bring out reusable bags, Metal cutlery and Metal Straws. We could also insert huge Dustbin’s in every are where there are Sea’s, Oceans and Lakes. Then people will be generous to put the plastic waste in the Dustbin. Cleaning the beach everyday would nearly stop three-quarter of the Marine Pollution. We humans are the cause for this dirt. By this its unfair for the marine animals to die by our own silly mistakes. More than sitting at home and watching television, we could go out to beaches and clean the polluted area! We could put up more protection for the ships, so that the oil doesn’t leak easily!

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Now 21st century is one of the most developing centuries as technology has been improving. How do you think we could solve marine pollution using technology? Many of us have access to social media and Internet. Many articles and posts could be put up, so that the teenagers could read and understand about the problems in the oceans and try to solve it as a group. We could put up Satellites to detect where has plastic been disposed in the ocean, track it down and clean it before any harm has been done. By this many sea life organisms’ lives would be saved. Using Artificial Intelligence, with increased computing power and AI algorithms, many climate scientists can have a better understanding of the natural systems and optimize interventions by modelling and predicting climate patterns in a new field of climate informatics. It also allows for better coordination between researchers to share and analyse key data on pollution and could clean the pollution caused. We could also use Robots in the shape of a dustbin which would recycle the plastic waste that has been dumped into it.

Now, emphasising on the land or environmental pollution. By plastic waste land is also getting destroyed. Many animals no land, get them selves choked by these plastic bags.

Go Green, this phrase could be one of the most important phrases of the 21st century. We could quit using plastic bags and start using disposable bags. It’s the same for the marine pollution. Global warming is also growing, and we could stop using vehicles which produce smoke. Use the new type of vehicles, Hybrid. The new hybrid vehicles don’t give out a lot of smoke but only a little. This “Hybrid Vehicle Project” isn’t a successful project. They later then found out about Electric vehicles, which uses batteries that is needed to be regarable. Not every country has this, because it loses charge between thirty-forty minutes of the trip. By this many people don’t buy electric vehicles for this reason. As the battery charging is a problem, we could create robots with high battery power, that provide this charge. By this the car would not loose battery charge easily.

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We must stop cutting tress! The amount of tress being cut is more than the number of steps we take every day. Many small animals’ habitats are being destroyed by the cutting of tress for paper. We could recycle lumps of papers a day, but we humans are not giving our effort. More than sending letters, we could send emails. More than drawing on papers, we could draw on the graphics tablet, laptops, iPad and phones. Having all these technologies, we still waste paper. We as one world could go immediately paperless by the technology invented. By the cutting down of tress, acid rain will destroy have the land by two days. We humans are bringing danger to our own selves. As a world should stop cutting down our best friend “tress” for paper and use technology as our modern paper!

Governments in every country also should become stable. By the Governments of every nation, war occurs, and when war occurs, destruction takes place, and when destruction takes place the whole world dies. Being humans, we all should stop manufacturing weapons for a countries “safety” and start to be friendly we each other. Being friendly with each nation will be a big solution to stop marine and environmental pollution.

“She can live without us, but we cannot”, we all should rethink about our oceans and about our environment and keep it safe for the future generations to live on it peacefully!

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