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Corporate corruption

A pattern of loosely put together laws, and poorly enforced rules put on domestic and global corporations has led to unfair business practices. Because of this , employees of these companies have been laid off, and consumers have been fooled and tricked into putting themselves into business with untrustworthy, deceitful corporations. Since the corporations cannot be trusted to make independent, adult decisions, it seems they must be watched and supervised at all times like children. Not all people can be trusted to do things for the good of society at all times, therefore; will be treated like the potential criminal they are. In recent history, government involvement in business practices has been declining, due to a Republican idea that less government is better than being controlled. This has allowed to companies to do unethical, and sometimes illegal, acts under the radar such as withholding important info and damaging ecosystems worldwide. Corporate corruption and a series of unsupervised business moves has led to innocent hard workers without a job to feed their families. A tighter grip by the government over these companies will terminate the possibility of unfair, unforeseen business methods. “Trade secrets” will no longer exist and everything will be upfront and on the table for complete transparency.

Due to their overall behavior, government intervention will need to be increased among businesses both domestically and abroad. Companies across the world are being allowed to run free with their rules and that “if companies can declare job and compensation information a trade secret, the government can’t ensure compliance with a host of rules and standards…” (Private, 1.)

Due to the lack of law and rules enforced of corporations across America today, they are being allowed to withhold info on how much they pay their employees resulting in people being laid off and in some cases putting people on the streets. It’s proving that the conservative ideology of private businesses is putting middle class workers out of a job and in unfair situations. It’s conveying the need for ‘surveillance” of sorts over these companies.They cannot be trusted to be considerate of others and it’s employees. Homes such as Brazil and Peru that are 75% covered in the Amazon Rain forest is being attacked and invaded by pollution and “the indigenous people in the region have slowly been surrounded by an all-consuming mega-industrial complex” (Global, 3.) Entire civilizations and nature itself are being ruined by destructive, toxic enterprises abroad in, not only South America, but also all across Africa and even in America. This slowly destroys our ozone layer putting all humans at increased risk of cancer and sickness as a whole. There needs to be a change to a more “green” way of thinking. This will protect the ecosystem as a whole and will make sure all workers, and people in the vicinity of the work are breathing clean air. It will also result in lower costs of supplies in electrical and power costs in the long run for these corporations. Companies like The Times have been under investigation for sexual harassment assault charges placed upon Weinstein (a now former film-producer for the company”,) and now “more than 50 women have spoken out about their alleged experiences with Weinstein” (Sexual, 1.) These types of cases and outcries have been coming out every week now it seems like. Men and women being taken advantage of by their bosses and people higher up the food chain who are corrupt and unfit to be in the position they are. Trade secret reports from corporations to the federal government is at an all time high in 2019, and over 35% of those “trade secrets” were later determined by professionals to be essential info that should’ve been given when asked for. If they were being watched in the first place, then the hiding and deceit would never have been a factor. With all of the problems across the country, and the world, people have been able to come together with viable solutions and have even been able to make a difference to these problems.

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A tighter grip by the government on these private industries, a “green”,” recycling way of thinking, and emphasized awareness of sexual harassment of men and women in the workplace are all solutions to the problems detailed so far. James Madison once wrote: “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Knowing this isn’t true, and laws must put into place to restrict the freedom these big corporations have, and “because men and women are not angels, checks and balances on government action and on corporate action are essential” (Heineman Jr. 8.) This is basically stating that the only way we wouldn’t need solutions to the business methods being practiced is if everyone was a perfect angel and considerate of everyone, but that is not the case. Evil people exist, and as a result, so must the rules and laws. It’s like leaving a trouble making kid alone at a home with breakable, valuable things and trusting they won’t cause problems. No, a babysitter is hired to watch them and keep them in line. The government must be aware of the selfish, evil people of the world and act. Trying to solve international corporate pollution is no easy task and there is no one way to go about it, but “one prong is to create a whole new infrastructure that uses green technology; the other is to collaborate with other companies and create change outside as well as within” (Why You Should Care, 4-5.) The Amazon Rain forest and Congo Basin, to this day, are being destroyed and polluted with smoke and toxic gas. This results in animals dying and tribes and villages in the areas being forced to leave and some even getting sick and dying of disease due to the pollution. The main idea is that while the path to the a healthier way of business, overall cheaper way, will not be easier, it is necessary to the planet we currently inhabit. It is also necessary to save many lives in these regions being affected. Solving sexual misconduct in the workplace is a complicated and sensitive topic across the world, but the HR’s that have been hired need to basically step up their game and compassion for the these women. They can often put off an indifferent attitude to the reports and “for any problem, the HR manager’s solution of choice is sending employees on training courses” (Prescott/ McDonald, 2.) The Human Resources Managers, not unlike the owners and bosses of these private corporations, are only human and can be selfish and inconsiderate to others needs if it doesn’t directly affect them. To be asked to rely on them solely to solve sexual assault problems in the workplace is ridiculous. If more background checks and overall better people were placed into the position and the people there already, then maybe the victims would feel more comfortable coming to them with full confidence that some sort of justice will be placed upon the person who assaulted or harassed them. Not everyone will agree on how things should be done, however; and there is never only one way to solve an issue.

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Many suggest one of the solutions listed above is related to socialism (communism) and is seen as unethical to the American way. Minimum government control is an extremely Republican supported and is currently the way we run it today. Its socialism. “It’s plantation time. Its-forget-about-freedom-time. You’re owned. Lock stock and barrel. You are absorbed by the state” (Ives, 2.) Government taking control of a business, and by that extension the people working there, is directly related to the ideology of the communist-type ethics. It has been done in an invading, controlling way in the past and has given a bad name to government supervision of sorts. The main reason this opposition is brought up now is because America has slowly moved away from that idea and has moved towards less government support on a day-to-day basis. It directly goes against the beliefs of over half the country. Socialism sounds good on paper, but in history, every single government who is never lasts. “… it turns out the socialist state faces the same problem as the common looter. It’s called the ‘the looters dilemma.’ You see, once the looter steals everything from everybody, there’s nothing left to steal and the looter’s out of business” (What’s So Bad, 2-3.) This states that this whole way of going about things, a socialist type way, has blatantly been proven to be a wrong way of life and has resulted in countries being plunged into bankruptcy in history such as the Soviet Union (USSR.) History has proven this way of life to be false and unconventional for nations as a whole. Schools across America teach against it and everyone is taught to grow up this way believing this. While not everyone will agree with every solution every person suggests, everyone should agree that something must be done about companies getting away with breaking rules and laws.

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Corporate corruption is an epidemic all over the world, and curing it will be no easy task. Like eating an elephant, it must be taken down one bite at a time. A tighter grip by the government will result in professional eyes being placed on corrupt businesses who have the good of the people in their hearts. These crimes can affect anyone from a stranger, to your very own mother or father, putting you or the ones you love in a poor situation and even on the streets.

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