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Could the vegetarianism change our life for a better planet?

Could the vegetarianism change our life for a better planet?

Have you wondered why vegetarianism has become so popular nowadays? Do you imagine everyone being vegetarian? Well, this is similarly to a person with distinct ideals from the rest, having another way of putting them on practice. Vegetarianism has changed trough the time, previously being vegetarian for people consisted of only consuming a tasteless salad or only lettuce; however, this is different now because there are new diets which vary from different tastiness, textures, cuisine, etc. Given the expected information of the subject, the fact that this new method of consuming food has changed the diet that people normally consume; making them have a healthier, humanitarian and compassionate life.

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As it has been already told, being vegetarian make you a healthy, life both in physically and mentally. Vegetarianism improves blood pressure; have lower risks of deaths inasmuch as they don’t consume any type of saturated fats, that obstruct the arteries, therefore we consume proteins that are better instead of consuming those whose are in meat, because the 70% contains chemicals ( “glue for meat”, nitrites, sodium benzoate, sodium propionate and benzoic acid, hormones, etc.) that affect the function body system, so in general they can have less risks of having some disease that has some relation with the digestive system . Moreover, most of vegetarians has a better mood; according to an investigation on the 2012, scientists divided a group of people in three diets: one with meat allowed, one with only fish and one completely vegetarian. The scientists founded that the people who follow the vegetarian diet reported more improvements in mood than those who did the other two scheduled diets.

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Some people fear trying this new method of feeding, thinking that when they try it, they will not receive the necessary proteins for their bodies, or they think that they will consume more food if they eat a vegetarian diet; making them gain weight. But they are diverse ways to get all these proteins and consuming them with moderation. You can consume to replace the proteins of the red meat with legumes, nuts, cereals, seeds, beans, and some products that are animal derivatives. Also, this protein is cheaper to our economy and the planet. Some of the advantages of the vegetal proteins are:

· Free of cholesterol and saturated fats.

· They favor digestive health.

· They are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

· They favor cardiovascular health.

Additionally, most of the people who isn’t vegetarian instead of taking care of the animals, take violent actions against them. Do you are self-conscious that more than 16 billion animals are killed for food to satisfy the human necessities of proteins? People is not taking care of these because they doesn`t have affection or are empathic to them as they are with domestic animals like cats or dogs because they have nothing to do with their lives. Well, if you are conscious about this you must have already know the fact that most of the animals for our consumption are unattended, mutilated, genetically manipulated, summitted to drugs that cause them pain and injuries as well as they are killed in a violent way.

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Furthermore, raisin animals have also bad consequences to the humanity one of them is the lack of food in the world that affect people; who do not have enough resources to support themselves in daily life, without food. The action of raising animals is not as good it seems because for each kilogram that an animal consumes, we get only a small part of it, what would cause a lack of food for people and animals, moreover it will affect the life cycle.

Another of the advantages of being vegetarian is that you will take care of the environment, considering that most of the people do it for the benefits it brings to their health, others to protect animal species used for human consumption. Thus, people can have better quality of life. This could bring benefits like the decrease in water consumption, savings in the use of fuel, Protection of forests and the reduction of the greenhouse gases.

We can see that the vegetarianism would be a fact that can change people life as well as to all the planet’s life in a positive way, making an alternative to solve all those controversial problems that people has looking for. Would you change for a better life? For a better world?

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