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Crime film

Crime films remain very popular among critics and the public. Crime films tend to capture the imagination of viewers in the same ways that everyday crime does (Jewkes, 172). The film chosen for this content analysis was the movie Widows. This movie is about four criminals who get involved in a police shootout which leaves them dead. As a result, their wives are stuck with a huge debt that they have to pay in a month or there will be dangerous consequences. Their lives are in danger, so the they must join forces to pull off a heist that their husbands were planning. While trying to pull it off they must overcome the many obstacles that are thrown their way.

This film is a crime movie but also has multitudes of masculinity. Masculinity is shown a lot throughout the film. According to the book it is characterized and violent and uncompromising (Jewkes, 176). The main characters are men and they have traditional male roles. For example, they are aggressive, show no emotion, bread winners of the household, violent, etc. In the film it shows how one of the men are having a heart to heart with their wife and then immediately changes the subject. This example shows how men are not known to shown emotion or are used to covering it up. The film also shows a snippet of mucho masculinity. According to the book it is characterized and violent and uncompromising (Jewkes, 176). An example, of mucho masculinity would be when one of the men threatens to hit his wife because he did not like what she said. The book mentions how heist films illustrate how living a criminal lifestyle takes precedent over family and personal relationships (Jewkes, 175). The film Widows is based completely off of this narrative. In the film Harry who is the main character who killed his friends and put his wife in danger by faking his own death because he was caught up in the criminal lifestyle. His second life was more important than his family and friends. The book also mentioned women leads in crime fields and how it is considered an anomaly. In this film the film is centered around women committing crimes and violence as well as their traditional roles.

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This film touched on a lot of different controversial topics when dealing with crime and the criminal justice system. For example, racism, crooked law enforcement, crooked politicians, and etc. For example, the protagonist and his wife dealt with their African American son being killed by police because they assumed he had a gun when in reality he was reaching for his wallet. The film shows that crime is happening every day and that no particular race is exempt because all races commit crimes. This film also shows that the criminal justice system is known to help the rich offenders and those in high positons. For example, Jack Mulligan needed to help his friend fake his death and in a matter of seconds it was done without any questions asked. Any person who watched this film might take away not to trust the criminal justice system or people in high positions because they might not have the best intentions especially if they are not on the same spotlight or level.

In the film there was a lot of violence. There was over ten acts of physical violence. Which includes, murder, stabbing, punching, kicking, and many more. Acts of violence were shown within the first minute of the film. There was not a lot of women in the film. There was six women in the film, and they played traditional roles. They were mothers, wives, and assistants. When around their husbands or any other men they were typically quiet and did not speak much. Majority of the roles in the film were men. There was a minimum of fifteen men in the movie and counting. They played roles that required them to be in charge and have authority. For example, cops, detectives, politicians, security guards, criminals, and the list goes on. The men in the film talked very aggressive and mean. The minorities in the film played roles that consisted of drug dealers, babysitters, seamstresses, waitresses, and hairdressers. In the film it showed African Americans portrayed as less than and not capable to be in leadership positions. For example, Jamal manning a well-known gangster is running for council of the south side ward, but is not given a fair chance because he is running against Jack Mulligan who comes from a dynastic family who has held the position for many years. In the film Jack is seen more qualified and Jamal is just seen as a “N Word” who does not stand a chance. Overall there was nine men murdered in the film. The main weapon used for most of the murders was a gun. There was one situation where an explosive was used and one situation where a car was used.

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The data from the film and the message about the criminal justice system relates the real world because it is somewhat based off of a true story. There is not one crime movie that is completely made up from scratch. When someone wants to make a crime film they want it to be realistic, relatable in some way, and eye catching. The only way to get a realistic movie and relate it the real world is to create it based off of stuff that has been shown on the news. Most of the scenarios in the film is stuff that has been shown in the real world. For example, everyone has heard of crooked cops or people getting murdered in the news or simply on social media. This film relates to the real world because of its

Crime films raise questions concerning the good and evil in people and can create some fear. The goal of crime films is to be relatable, the writers want the viewers to identify with the victims or even the serial killers which can sound a little crazy. There are some cons that come with crime film but the audiences’ fascination with this type of film seems to overpower. This very reason is why crime films are still popular in today’s society and does not seem to be going away any time soon.

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