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Critical analysis of self




My name is GAGANDEEP SINGH. I am 19 years old. I am from India and I am studying Bachelor in Building and Construction Management at University of Canberra , ACT , Australia. I found this University most appropriate because I got impressed by their faculty profile and the course curriculum. The reason I came to Australia was that I was not getting the best infrastructure facilities and there was no bright future career prospectus for my Degree in INDIA.

The reason I choose this degree was that I wanted to gain knowledge and skills from all aspects of Building and Construction whether it may be Architecture engineering, Construction or Management. I did not wanted to get confine to a Single Unit of specialization. I was good at certain subjects such as Physics, Mathematics and Visual Drawings and in my High School I studied Business and Commerce that created my interest in this degree. Moreover my parents always supported me and advised me to always follow my interests and goals. My cousin being the Head Manager in a Transport Company helped me alot in understanding the basics of management. I also did an intensive research for this course over the internet and found out various good future career outcomes in this field.

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Although in the beginning I knew nothing about my Goals and objectives but as I went with my higher studies and built interest in engineering, architecture and management and researching over internet I set up my goal that is to become a Construction Project Manager and found out University of Canberra the best institute to study in.

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During my course I want to acquire Professionalism in every skill possessed by a Construction Project Manager. Some of the most important are clear communicating about the plans of completing the project and various strategies to both Superiors and Inferiors, Being able to assess the risks even before initiating a project in order to minimize the difficulties that can arise in future, Utilization of Power, Cost, Technology in the best possible way to get best possible outcomes with much less efforts, And the most important and difficult to master is Team management. There can be different types of people working on a project with different attributes having different weaknesses . A manager must know how to put them together and assign them the job that they are best in. During my course I will attend Lectures , Tutorials and Workshops that are conveyed by best staff recruited by UC both domestic and Internationally that will help us in order to achieve the above mentioned skills and knowledge.

Moreover, as there are certain types of profession that carries a lot of uncertainties such as Business , Construction is a type of profession that has no ending. The world will continue to develop , continue to build buildings , roads and other great infrastructures . So there are unlimited job prospectus in this field that gives me almost no stress or any type of risk for building my career. Doing this degree is just like making one time Investment and enjoying the best returns for whole of my life.

At last I just want to thank my parents, my friends and almighty GOD who gave me His blessings and chance to follow my goals and pursue my career in the field I love .

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