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Currently, in the life of teacher

I start my new teaching job in 9 days, which doesn’t seem quite real yet. The summer seems to have flown by, and while I am excited to start this new job in this new school, I am also a little terrified.

My old school is the only school I have every really taught at (not counting observing I did in college and my internship semester). I was there for six years. I knew everyone and everything. If I needed something, I knew just who to ask or who to go to. I had friends.

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Now I know no one. Yesterday was the first time I had any contact with someone other than the principal and his secretary. Through some prodding, I was able to get the principal’s secretary to put me in contact with the English Department Chair. I only spoke to him on the phone, but he seems very laid back and he did give me my teaching schedule for the year. I will be teaching mostly 10th grade advanced English with one class of general English.

I’m happy with the level I will teaching. Not only had I been at my old school for six years, but I’d also been teaching 9th grade for six years. I love 9th graders, but I was getting a little sick of the content. I found myself dreading having to do Romeo and Juliet yet again. Moving grade levels will be a nice way to keep me fresh and on my toes, but it also means I have a lot of planning to do.

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Although the summer started off very slowly, the past couple of weeks have been really filled. I shot a wedding on July 13th and I have been editing pictures non-stop since then. I’ve also been working a lot of hours on my photography business. I don’t think I mentioned this, but when I decided to move, DD and I decided to close our business together. He really isn’t interested in photography as a job anymore and it would have been hard with us living an hour and a half apart.

So in March I began branding my own business, but this summer is when I have really had the time to work on it. I want to make sure all of my website, marketing, branding, etc. is done before school starts, so there has been many a night where I’ve stayed up past 2am getting things done. I am finally starting to like everything though. I am also doing some free sessions in my area in the hope of generating more business. There are a lot more families here, and if I can tailor my photography more towards families and kids and less towards engagements and weddings, I think I will be more successful on my own.

I’ve also started a part-time job with a local Huntington Learning Center. It is just a few hours of SAT/ACT tutoring a week, but it is something to do and it’s helping me to make a little money on the side. In my free time, I am volunteering as a dog walker at our local animal shelter and keeping up with physical therapy three times a week. I’m definitely getting stronger, but I know I still have a ways to go. I want to be back to normal so badly! But I’ve come to accept that this healing process is just going to take time. It’s frustrating because I want to take a zumba class and walk without any pain. I just have to be patient.

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