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Dangers of space exploration essay

According to scientists, 99.9% of the population would believe anything that is said with “ According to scientists, ”So I’m going to use that. According to scientists, Space exploration is dangerous in many ways and I’d give you some good reasons, It’s just sending a tin can to space, have you asked yourself is it worth it? The idea of space exploration probably sparked you as a kid. It’s not as bright and fun as you all think. As soon as astronauts board a huge control panel will be in front of them they will have to know which buttons to press, what happens if they forget? First off, just sending one rocket ship/spacecraft to space can cost millions to billions of dollars. Most of the organizations are government funded, and where does the government get their money? Our own pockets. They get it from the taxes we pay each year. The Apollo program itself cost $25.4 billion in 1973 and in 2016 it cost $107 billion. It only lasted from 1961 – 1975. What I’m saying here is that it is not the government funding it but, it is typically us funding it. All that hard work that we put into working is being put into making a tin can that goes to space. So not worth it. Ever thought of what you leave behind? You probably littered in your life. If you’re an astronaut and you said you’ve never littered, no one’s gonna believe you after this. When a rocket ship enters space, it leaves a trail of debris behind. How? Space already has a lot of debris there it floats around, it can chip off paint from the rocketship. Even small pieces of space rock can hit the rocketship and get small pieces of paint and small screws to chip off the shuttle. Space is already littered with many small pieces of space debris from satellites that don’t work anymore. Do you really wanna add more to it? Have you ever thought about it? Doesn’t the government want a cleaner community? Why are you adding to it?All these people that went to space probably thought about if they’ll ever see their family or loved ones after this trip. After all, you’re not the one going to space so your life is not the one in crisis. You don’t know them, so it’ll be easy for you to push their life into crisis.Would you volunteer to risk your life to only find out that Mars have ice?Well, some of you would, but that’s not the point. My point is that space exploration is dangerous in general. All your cartoons probably make it seem so safe and fun. If you don’t make it back in time your space ship will run out of fuel and probably break down.You’re going to be stranded and probably die like that.

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