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Daydreamingor:the bridge between imagination and creativity

“Cheers all around as he walks into the middle. Makes himself comfortable in the crease and awaits to face his first ball. As the ball touches his bat it makes a cracking sound and goes over the ropes to fetch the maximum, he went on to hit few more sixes and brings up his 100 with in no time and soon takes his team home.“

Now replace him with an overweight 15 year old boy with glasses, (day) dreaming all this, who in reality only plays gully cricket and the chance of him touching a ball is 1/6 per over.

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Now again replace him with a 12 year old boy who got amputated due to his medical condition and all he could do was watch cricket and (day) dream about it.

For most the former is overly ambitious and the latter is unrealistic. And the bottom line is they both are pathetic.

This is because for most people daydreaming is ideal reverie, laps in attention but what if it’s actually a habitual practice of imagining, the practice of ignoring our current boundaries of reality and disregarding on purpose what we told make sense.

I am a big daydreamer growing up. As a small boy my mom was very scared to send me out of the house since we lived close to railway track. She thought it was safe inside, where she can keep an eye on. So I use to hear her say stories from Hindu mythology or watch cartoon or read fairy tales from various countries and daydream myself as the protagonist and the most common was me being Harry Potter and fighting evil with magic. All that was great until I realize that they were all stories and Hogwarts was just fiction. The result not only gave me disappointment but also the harsh truth about reality where nothing is fun.

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The bigger question here is why I got disappointed, since nothing was real and it’s kind of illogical to be upset over something that never existed. The reason is because I was not just a daydreamer but I was an explorer I saw myself in places where I could never go and did thing that were impossible in reality like riding a dragon across a massive city, helping Ram in building Adam’s bridge or helping Kleihues to save princess Bertha from the palace of Anemoi, the god of the winds. In other words I have experienced lot of things and enjoyed them just by dreaming about it in great detail.

We as a ration human being tend to restrict ourselves by only getting use to or only in believing all the possible, seemingly earthly and existing things and as a studying kid I was asked or rather forced to focus more on academics and standardised testing.

We all know that ideas are like stars in sky, there are millions of them but in order to make ourselves unique we have to pick that one idea which can help us derive that fitting solution. And again there is no one correct solution.

So, how does everyone take a unique approach?

“I imagine myself running alongside a beam of light to the edge of universe” said Albert Einstein while answering the question for how he came up with the idea for theory of relativity. Who actually left school because his teachers didn’t approve of visual imagination for learning, skills which became fundamental to his way of thinking. He later added “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

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If Einstein daydreamed about running alongside light beam and came up with the idea for relativity, (god only knows how he came up with the math and physics for it) the least we can do is act on our imagination by day dreaming it. Daydreaming is a bridge between imagination and creativity. Daydream gives a path where the unknown and unreal becomes seen, known ultimately much closer to being real.

Creativity is imagination actualized. Dreamers who act are lauded, we call them visionaries, pioneers, trailblazers the ability to do what they dream is seen as special and unique but it’s not unique it’s practiced.

In the end we do what we do because the way we (day) dream. Once we start day dreaming we will have hundreds of ideas but not all are apt. In due course of time they get matured. They evolve into solution that are bound by logic and rational thinking because it is a critical way in which we as human beings move beyond our immediate environment to create vicarious virtual realities that allow us to tryout alternatives. {In other words survival of the fittest}

But still, why it overly ambitious and unrealistic for an overweight 15 year old boy with glasses and 12 year old boy who got amputated to daydream about cricket.

In actuality it’s not. As Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam beautifully posit “Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.” By harnessing on those daydreams they can make those a reality. But unfortunately our society has some outrageously high negative opinions.

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Daydreaming is different from night dreaming. In it we are claiming autonomy over what we can envision, we need to nurture a guilt free environment where we can daydream. So let’s abandon our proclivity to tell ourselves not to have our hopes up and be realistic when we are imagine what we might do and who we might become lets foster an atmosphere where we are free to be highly improbable and wildly unrealistic in our goal setting.

I as a daydreamer trying to designing and redesigning my identity in the process of evolving in to the best version of myself. Who has increased connections to self awareness, moral judgement, empathy and creativity.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

– Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E Lawrence.

As a daydream believer I am the dangerous man T.E Lawrence is talking about. And once you all start believer we will be those dangerous (wo) men who is going to shape the world and bend the reality.

Be a daydream believer.

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