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Deex a pain elixer

John Sule:


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Its no news that in recent times the cry of the masses has been a hitch free trading platform as well as a reliable store house for their wealth! The good news deex exchange has come with an unbeatable approach which pushes security to the limit. I have no doubt that Deex exchange will not only solve the problem of this teeming population but build a firm of trust that defies hacking. Consequent upon the forgoing it came at a time where the crytpto world is predicted to hit the greatest uptrend in history. This project remains remarkable as it comes with a highly friendly interface to cheer up all crytpto enthusiast and above all ease the complexity that the former exchanges are accorded with the fact that its second to none.

Uniqueness of Deex exchange! Like the mighty shield that halts every movement this exchange comes with bitshare 2.0 and graphane technology which hollistically brings growth and impecable progress as it operates with the speed of light, an unimmaginable 100000 transaction can be done within one second.

Why Bitshares?

Bitshares 2.0 is a high-tech decentralized platform based on the blockchain, allowing to create highly efficient financial “smart contracts”, for all spheres of economic activity, which are used on the Internet To provide their services. The Bitshares 2.0 platform gives users a number of undoubted advantages in using:

-Transactions in crypto currency with high level of price stability.

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A whooping performance of over 100000 per seconds

– reward for referral programs and a high level of award

-stability in crypto currency trade

-Names of account are transferable.

As in most most platforms lost of funds is a routine as the porosity of the platforms are to the brim, hackers find it as breakfast table or rather general loss day where millions of funds are lost. But the two good faces of deex exchange is that it not only gives assurance of wealth in safe hands but embarking on a bounty programme where about a whooping 100000$ is giving for the campaign. The good news didnt just end there as the developers of the token and entire management of the said coin are not half baked or greenhorn but rather have eagles eyes in the crypto currency world. The world of is actually going digital hollistically as in most countries cashless policies are now in vougue thereby rendering the old patrerns obsolete and bizarre, the price of bitcoin has been predicted by experts by be about 25000$ by the first quarter of 2019, which is obvious that the multiplying effects will be a hike in the price of crypto currency, the big question is: are the know how available? Yes it is, and its no other but deex exchange, its actually the answer to all the turmoil and uproar as well as inadequacies.


Sequel to the vast measures put in place by this laudable project i recommend it for all and sundry as no doubt, there would be an upsurge in the numbers of users as well as patronage. Like expected the whole process of getting a coin listed on coinmarketcap is herculean but this project has remained steadfast in ensuring that no stone is unturned. Its on amplification of this maxim that i recommend deex exchange to the world. I leave all readers with the words of Benjamin Disraelli who opines that feeling gratitude without expressing it, is like wrapping a gift without presenting it, as we read this article let us make deex exchange our friend.

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