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Depression and anxiety effect on health

Depression is a brain disorder that can lead to a great deal of emotional distress. Changes in the functioning of your brain can also have a major effect on your body. So, is it any wonder that depression contributes to a wide range of physical problems affecting everything from your heart to your immune system?

so depression effects go beyond emotional consequences but is also effects physical health, depression can be ta temporary effect to a specific experience that a person may face in his everyday life but studies say that if this depression stays for a period that is more than 2 weeks then its becoming a serious issue with many symptoms so the person start to be depressed and he wont enjoy usual activities as much and he will be more lazy and most of the time he will be preferring to stay alone than facing people and the surrounding environment and of course another result id lack of sleep or oversleep it depends on the case; symptoms between different individuals may change between a time and another.

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physical symptoms of depression can be weight gain or loss due to appetite changes which can lead to different diseases such as diabetes and many other, another symptom is inflammation in which some researches has indicated that stress and depression are linked to inflammation that may influence the immune system so people with depression are likely to have diseases associated with immune disorders such as hypersensitivity or autoimmune diseases another symptom would be gastrointestinal problems this is because our brain responses to stress by suppressing the activity of its main centers like the hypothalamus, adrenal gland and pituitary gland.

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so when we see al of these symptoms we realize how big of a problem depression is and from my point of view the only way to fix this problem is by making it more obvious and to let the people have more knowledge on how to deal with different situations in this life and to be ready o all of them and how to positively think and this can be achieved by teaching which starts from a young age by teaching kids how to always be positive and how to see things in a different way that can result in better ways of dealing rather than getting depressed and of course this solution wont be 100%effective to the problem because there will be some exceptions for sure but it will make a big change with a population with different way of thinking and analyzing and for the greater success of this idea professionals need to be doing these jobs so they can reach different ages with different point of views because you cannot deal with teens the same way you deal with adults because they have different point of views and different goal in life.

on the other hand talking about anxiety it is The most weakening and widely recognized disorders between all the psychological disorders are those related to anxiety. What’s more, anxiety disorders have negative effects on private and vocational relationships. Generalized anxiety disorder , panic disorder and specific phobias are various circumstances of anxiety disorder. However, diverse pharmacological medications are powerful in the treatment of those three kinds of anxieties.On the other hand, some particular cases of these disorders have no effective drug, even benzodiazepines be useless. As a consequence, these types of disorders have diverse basic neurobiological pathologies.

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In spite of the fact that anxiety is highly occurring in the current time, there are studies that have been not taken space yet for the elderly. These studies include the effects of anxiety on disability, well-being, and health care on them. Furthermore, the elderly are an exceptionally age group for considering the outcomes of anxiety, as there number is expanding leading to and additional race on officially finite health care resources

one type of anxiety is the dental anxiety which leads that the patient will be avoiding dental visits and findings of some studies found that the greater this anxiety is the greater it will have on the oral health and the more oral pathological disorders are found in the patients oral cavity so as anxiety incorporates a direct influence on oral health, it ought to be detected and accounted for in an exceedingly treatment construct integration dental therapeutic approaches.

a good way to treat anxiety and depression is physical activity because remarkable penalties of exercise, in healthful human beings and in clinical populations suffering emotional disorders regardless of gender and age. The blessings are sizable in unique in subjects with an extended degree of anxiousness and despair due to the truth of greater room for possible change. The most improvements are caused through capacity of rhythmic, cardio exercises, the use of of large muscle businesses for example jogging or swimming , of common and low intensity. They to be performed for 15 to 30 minutes and carried out a minimal of three instances a week in through a period of 10-weeks or longer. The effects verify the acute effect of workout, for example the reductions in anxiousness and depression after single training of exercise. The adjustments in anxiety, despair and temper states after exercising are explained most regularly by way of the endorphin and monoamine hypotheses. Exercise might additionally also extend physique temperature, blood circulation in the body and have an impact on on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and physiological reactivity to stress. The potential psychological mechanisms consist of enhancement of self efficiency, distraction and cognitive dissonance.

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