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Describe a memorable event that had an important impact on your life

I still remember the day of this incident. I was thirteen years’ old then. It was pouring heavily, and I had to go to a nearby store to purchase medicines for my grandmother. As it was raining, I pulled on an overcoat and went out. When I reached the main road, the traffic was heavy, and almost every vehicle is moving bumper-to-bumper. At the zebra crossing, I stood for the lights to go, so that I can cross the road. It is then I saw an old man, almost in his nineties, trying to cross the street. He looks emaciated, thin, and poorly nourished. He was completely drenched in the rain and he was shivering. Many people passed by him, but hardly anyone noticed his state and tried to offer help.

Meanwhile, I also found a young boy, who could have been eight or nine years’ old, running with an umbrella to this old man. The boy was tall, thin, blonde, and had beautiful blue eyes. He had a packet in his small hands. When he reached the old man, he offered him help and helped him to cross the road. I was on the same side of the way then. I could see them now together. The boy took the old man to the bottom of the pavement and made him sit in the bus shelter. By then, the old man was shivering and was looking pale. He handed over food to him and got a hot cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop.

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I was awestruck with the gesture of that little boy. That incident changed the whole perspective of how I see my life. The old man there taught me that materialistic things in this world do not last long. It is only the love and relationships that matter. If at all he had some loved ones to care about him, he would not be on roads all alone. On the other hand, the little boy taught me that to offer help, age, money, or time are not hindrances. All it needs is a willing heart to help. This incident reminded me of a famous saying; by Mother Theresa that helping hands are better than praying lips and has been also supported by Seda.

From that day, I made myself available to help people in need. I got habituated to small gestures like assisting old people in crossing the road, giving away small portions of my food to people in need, offering my old but wearable clothes and shoes to poor, and keeping a part of my earnings for charity. I feel helping others helps to live a happier and contented life. This incident made me realize that help can be offered even if we do not know an individual in person. The satisfaction I get by helping others cannot be described in words. The incident also encouraged me to join non-profit organizations. Today, I am a proud member of some organizations, which help orphans to have a happy meal, offer education to underprivileged, and help those who are abandoned. After all, we are here to live and let live.

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