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Describe the most exciting it(or technological) development from the

Describe the most exciting IT(or technological) development from the

last 3-5 years. Include:

– its built

– how it works

– its uses or practical applications

– reasons why I consider it to be the most exciting

In current times is pretty hard to choose the most exciting development. We have a lot of corporation and each of them developing new interesting things every year. From every exciting thing I have to choose one and it will be “flexible display”. What is that supposed to be? In short, it is an elastic screen with the possibility of being a touchscreen and good durability.

Flexible display evolved from the concept of electronic paper based displays developed by Xerox PARC in the ’70s and ’80s. Present technology is based on OLED-based display and it is still in development few corporations like Samsung or LG. It is built from elastic and similar to glass material forged with OLED technology. A lot of details are hidden because of patents. That costs corps billions of dollars, so that is not something unusual.

The screen works the same way like classic one but it can be bendable and folding. An important thing to say is how many ways we can use this. TV, smartphones, monitors, ad banners, maybe press and (e-)books too. For now, unfortunately, that is only dreaming and it is hard in development. Big revolutions never were easy to make.

Possibilities are one for the biggest reasons, why this is so exciting. For example, the prospect of TV whose we can roll up the roll and transport it without problems about dimensions of a window blind. That will end a long war between tablets and smartphones too because developers will make bigger devices but foldable and everyone can use a device according to recognition. But there is more! In the long run, we could replace a classic paper press, book or notebook with an electronic equivalent and reduce massive forest cutting.

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Sadly, I am bit a pessimist and at the end, I will add some salt here. Today biggest achievements are made costs money and are for money. I just do not believe someone just gives us a big and revolutionary miracle in one shot. In my opinion, corps purposely hold any technology growth as they can and probably we get super-duper extra roll-up screens in the 2030 year after ten generations of intermediate steps. But hey, it is ten times more money!

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