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Diary entry of great expectations

Feb 1″,2019

Dear diary”,

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Today is a new day, I had no clue about what was awaiting me and how this rotten day is turning out to be. I sneaked into Joe’s forge early morning with the intentions of getting what the convict asked for and so on I stole food and a file. Was I doing the right thing , will there be consequences for this move?

I went back to the marshes that’s full of mists to find the convict but I was surprised, it was horrific to run into another man with a hat on, from the way he dressed I could tell he’s an escaped prisoner as well that sent shivers down my spine. I started to wonder at that time “Is this the man that’s supposed to be accompanying the convict , the one he mentioned yesterday?” However, that convict proved to me that I was mistaken as he ran at full pelt away from me. After a while I found the convict that interrogated me, that moment made me think that everything will get to an end at this point and that I would never any kind contact with him but the follow up events was unexpected and shocking. After having such a rough day , I went back to the house and attended the Christmas dinner. Everything seemed on place until a bunch of soldiers payed us a visit, I thought of confessing to my wrongdoings as a result of feeling contrite and someone that’s living to regret something up to the moment where they stayed that they are here to get the handcuffs fixed. I accompanied the soldiers, Joe and mr Wopsle to the dark marshes and finally the two escaped convicts were found fighting and got captured.

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The convict saved me by admitting and taking the blame to doing the act of stealing himself. Oh heavens why did I go to the marshes with the soldiers? I would never be able to tell anyone about what happened today.


Feb 3″,2019

Dear diary”,

Today was a strange day filled with frustration. Uncle Pumblechook took me to pay Miss Havisham a visit as per as what we agreed on. On the way to the Maron house I had many unanswered questions out of curiosity “who do I have to play with?”, “ are the rumors and gossips I’ve been heard of of lately about miss Havisham true?”.

We arrived to the house, I was astounded due to the fact that I’ve never been to such a tremendous house. A young woman led the way and guided me, from the first moment I was dazzled by her beauty, her attractive features caught my eye and I couldn’t remove my eyes from her. She made my heart feel light and flutter on the spot. However, I entered a room that was being lighted up using candles as the curtains acted a barrier to sun light rays. Once I entered I noted her eccentric appearance and unconventional behavior. “ That’s odd, why is miss Havisham wearing an elderly, ripped and yellowish gown?”. In addition to that, from my own point of view Estella seemed to look incongruous with the barren house and unusual surroundings there. I could see through the old woman, the sadness and emptiness that’s taking over her. I played cards with Estella, it clearly showed that she looks down on me and I kept receiving insults and offends regarding my shabby condition and being from lower class basically I was a game she would play. Her words touched my soul and heart it felt like I was getting stabbed over and over, finally during lunch time I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore, I cried and poured my heart out. I felt conscience stricken over her contemptuous way of looking at me and her harsh, disgraceful remarks and judgments as well as facing the taunt of her.

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I couldn’t avoid talking to Uncle Pumblechook and my sister, I had to lie about the sorrowful experience I have went through which made me more awful. After all what happened I could not think rationally and was still happy that I came across Estella, all I could think about was “will I be able to resist falling in love with her”.


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