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Does drill music cause knife crime?

Last updated on 17.05.2020

Does drill music cause knife crime?

Drill music is a trap-style music genre that’s was imported from Chicago, it spread to London and popularized by $1 like 67, 1011, Spartan Harlem and much more. It has lyrics that are talk about stabbing “opps”- rival gangs and binning trainers after spilling blood on them. Does drill music cause aggression; does it force your hand? Are we easily radicalised by drill music to commit stabbings? Knife crime has spiked and has plunged areas into postcode wars where blood is spilled, innocent lives are lost is drill music the reason for this? We as rational thinking people should now what’s right and wrong. So is drill music used as an escape goat to explain a complex problem? To some it’s seen as art a form expression and visual illustration of their situation. Does art imitate life? To some living in the same position as them making money, they see it as a way out. It also glamorise violence and makes it the normal.

Drill music is not the issue its funding cuts to youth programs that has fuelled knife crime. According to The Independent “The YMCA said council spending on youth services has fallen by more than £750m since 2010-11 across England and Wales, with the West Midlands and North West hardest hit.” Since there have been fewer places for youth to stay safe and away from gangs it has increased number of people joining gangs. They are more exposed to gang culture and see it as a way of belonging. The more cuts to youth programs will lead to an increase in youth stabbings as their shelter has been removed the youth will feel isolated. Lonely and forgotten until an “Elder”- gang leader exploits the youth to carry out their work and the cycle continues. In an endless loop and people should stop blaming drill as past have shown music has always been used as an escape goat from rock & roll to drill.

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Drill music is the monster the government caused by not investing in the youth, it’s a produced of isolation and abandonment. “Drill music is a realist reputation of what life is like for people living on or below the poverty line. It was created by the situation from budget cuts and cause people to mad things because they want but because they have no choice” says Abra Cadabra a renowned drill artist; the government should give youth opportunities and another path instead of gang life. So some people in the most underprivileged areas drill music are opportunities to get out of that life. Drill artists like Headie one a former prison inmate now touring. Shows youth in the same position as him there is a way out and it is achievable that drill music is a lucrative market young people in deprived areas can access. But the government is cracking down on their opportunities to departure their gang life.

To some drill music is perceived as being the main reason for increase in gang culture in London and that it should be band. However SK owner of Record label and management company Finesse Foreva work with a variety of acts, covering basement, RnB, afrobeat and drill. Believes that drill music allows people to relive their emotions and pressures of living in the forgotten parts of Britain in council housing in a positive way and remove them from the streets. If they’re in a both making tracks their not out committing crimes. This is true the more time they spend crafting their art less time is spent on the streets committing crimes.

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To some people against drill music they believe that the lyrics insight violence within gangs, lyrics in some drill song’s lyrics describe how they commit drive by shootings and walking around with kitchen knives. It can be seen as glamourizing violence and making young people desensitization to violence. However, this point does not show the root cause of knife crime as most drill artists use their lyrics to illustrate the life they have or the life they have come from and the activities they do. Most drill artists use music to express themselves and make legit emit money from it.

Drill music is now played over BBC radio one freely with little to no censorship regularly as this type of music is made more popular by name artists who still use violence and provocative lyrics in their music. Even with their “violent” lyrics their still high number of drill video that reach over millions of views. The genre of music has now reached national recognition as artists now play at large festivals like wireless and the majority of people that listen to drill are not gang members or living in the similar livers as the artists.

Overall, I believe that music has power to influence people have playlists for different moods or emotions. However, to focus on type of music and use it as the defining factor in knife crime is wrong. You need to look at what it’s done

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