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Does ginger tea beneficial?- everything you need to know!

Ginger is a colorless looking muddy root. Looking at it you would not think that this piece of driftwood like the thing has so much hidden potential and magical powers for its use in medicine and in spicing up your taste buds, and the making of sweetmeats would you? Do we just mean what can this dirty piece of root have in common? And what on earth could it do.? Ah! But, this is the root of the story! Here, we are going to talk about ginger tea while focusing on ginger as a herb.

Ginger Tea

Read on …

Before talking about Ginger tea…

Now in Ancient times, people of China and India found this root named ginger to be of great medicinal value for their common symptoms like colds, colic pains, and other ailments. The sweetest thing was that people discovered that you could use it for making sweets too. Now isn’t that a bonus plus!

The Romans for instance, thought it to be a wealthy ingredient for fertility as well!

So when in Rome do like the Romans !!

Isn’t that the richest luxury of the common and simple ginger root. ? And did you know, that in those times people thought it was as expensive and as costly as buying cattle!

No. We are not joking!

Ginger Tea

Important facts about ginger cultivation

The Ginger root was originally found somewhere in South East Asia. Ginger has been in existence for more than 5000 years. It was gradually cultivated in other tropical countries and is now freely available in every grocery shop. You can try growing some ginger root in a small pot or in a shady spot with a little bit of sunlight to fall. Must not plant it where you get direct sunlight to the plant. The soil should be good and fertilized well. It needs moisture but does not over water or have it water clogged. The plant grows to about 2- 4 ‘ in height. In a few months time, you will be ready to harvest your first crop of ginger.

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Yay !! Clap! Clap!

When it is ready you will notice the leaves falling off that is the time to yank off the plant and take off the roots. You can choose some good ones for replanting and the balance you can save for your kitchen counter.

Trading of ginger took place long before any other spice could set foot on this earth. Popular for its medicinal value in combating digestive problems not to mention its use for spicing up meats and other various foods.

Powdered ginger is colorless or something close to a dirty yellowish brown color ground spice made from its root. Preserved Ginger is made from fresh roots. Peeled sliced and boiled in sugar syrup. The Ginger syrup and its contents are soft and pulpy. These are canned and sold in supermarkets.

A fresh cuppa ginger anyone?

Ginger tea is refreshing to the heart and soul. Take a break from your everyday milk tea and for a change have a cup of plain black tea with bits of ginger floating about. It gives an immediate boost for those who feel tired and listless and will fix any stomach problems etc.

Ginger Tea

Ginger has a high level of vitamin C and magnesium and minerals. When considering ginger powder or crushed ginger pieces added to tea with lemon or honey makes a tasty cup of tea.

Ginger tea and its benefits

Ginger was widely used and sought for its medicinal value in China. This root also consists of many oils useful for inflammations, skin irritations, arthritis, and muscular pains. It is also used for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Given also to expectant mothers. It does not have any adverse or side effects and is quite safe to take during pregnancy.

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If you are thinking of going on that long awaited cruise. One the high seas, Remember to pack up some dried ginger in your travel bag in case of sea sickness or muscle pains. Ginger to the rescue.

Ginger Tea

Those suffering from Alzheimer’s can do with a cup of ginger tea. It also lowers the risk of heart and strokes. Ginger is a natural blood thinner and good in dissolving blood clots. And preventing sudden strokes

If you are having the blues during your monthly period like abdominal and stomach cramps Ginger is nature’s remedy.

Thinking of losing weight? And your cravings for food and more food? Ginger is the solution- drink ginger tea this will stop you from feeling hungry each and every hour and will help you to slim down.

Drinking a glass of ginger water daily will help boost your digestive system and prevent ingestion nausea and heartburn. In fact, we are doing just that! Drinking some ginger tea.


During the festive holiday Christmas season, Ginger is widely used to make a lot of sweets like ginger biscuits, gingerbread and gingerbread houses. Sweet cookies etc. Ginger is a must during this happy holiday season. It’s also used to flavor chicken, beef and curries and stir fry vegetables.

How to make a fresh cup of ginger tea?

Boil the water add a tea bag into a cup of tea leaves into a pot add the boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger to each cup. You can add the raw ginger root crushed and added to hot plain tea. A bit of lemon or honey will do you a world of good.

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So go take a break now. Keep that kettle on the stove and have a piping hot ginger tea.

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