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Does religion affect a country’s political system?

Last updated on 26.05.2020


Religion and politics are both very valuable aspects of everyone’s day to day life. Religion is a practice of faith and worship followed with great devotion while the political system is a set of laws principle and ideas that help govern a country. A country’s political system is what makes it known while it is a citizen’s belief that makes him/her known in the modern world. The reason why I chose this topic is that it interests me as we live in a world of diversity and acceptance and in the past few years though there had been few concerns and issues revolving around this topic we still managed to stay strong.

While working on the essay I hope to learn how religion works around in the political system for theocratic countries like Saudi Arabia that run there government based on their belief where religion is strongly affecting the political system. my personal opinion on the topic before we begin is that yes religion does affect our political system and it does have some influence and had caused a few inter-religious disputes but it’s also important as it helps in the leading of a country while also respecting the faith of other people.

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Findings, facts, and statics

If we look back at history faith and statesmanship have been linked to each other in any possible way known. A religious person who has no association with politics makes its opinion recognized in the political system is due to his/her strong belief. If we take a clear example of such a situation it would be the liberation theology in South America. Liberation theology is a movement originated in South America by Gustavo Gutiérrez a Dominican priest in early 1950 whose main cause of this movement was to shed light on the concerns of social inequity and poverty.

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Gutiérrez had said my faith my God had taught me to help anyone in need ignoring the fact if there is a roof upon their head or not. Gustavo Gutiérrez was a priest who didn’t have any relation with the political system and activism but his strong devotion towards his belief made his opinion well-known in the system. The liberation theology is an example of how religion can affect a country’s political system because South America has a large population of people living in poverty and the movement had bought a definite amount of change in the continent. Since the 1960s to 2010s there had been a 43.8% -31.8% drop in poverty due to the impact of liberation theology.

Issues and possible solution

The issue in this topic is that when religion affects the political system of a country people who aren’t following the same theory could be affected adversely. It could bring physical mental and economic change in a person or group. For instance, in India, the federal government in some states have imposed a ban on cow slaughtering and beef-eating because of demands made by certain sections of society. This has been done because the ruling party has a religious influence in policymaking.

They believe that cow slaughtering is against the mythological belief wherein cow is revered as a feminine divine and embodiment for motherhood. Because of this ban people have been forced to change their eating habits and there has being a sudden loss for thousands of butchers and vendors around the country. so my suggestion for this concern would be for the government to restrict beef-eating in public or provide a scheduled area for those who eat beef rather than completely banning cow slaughtering and beef consuming both in public and discreet. This way both parts of society would be satisfied while at the same time respecting each other’s beliefs.

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My opinion on this topic would be that religion has some major effects on politics. These effects could completely change a country’s political system or bring a downfall too. The modern world needs to learn a way to balance out religion and politics on a scale or else it could be quite ungovernable for the public. If we take an example it would be the beef ban and cow slaughtering in India. If a certain part of society had refused to accept the ban it could have been quite troublesome all over the nation for both the management and the public.

My opinions before the research were that belief and statesmanship together are quite impactful and influential in the leading of a country but now in the present i believe that religion and politics together isn’t the best alternative. History is a witness to some of the downfall moments in a country due to religion being mixed up with politics. Although there were some of the movements in the past where religion and politics helped a country and its public we modern-day people shouldn’t take such chances for the future of our children well-being.

Summary and conclusion

While working on this essay I discovered about different countries and the way the government governs the country and public on the basis of their belief. I also came across some restrictions and laws countries have made due to the religious influence which the whole society does not agree on. There were also few movements like the liberation theology that bought well-being to the country and its citizens. The important discovery that I came on while working on this essay was that religion and politics are inseparable.

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During my research I found out that both religion and politics aren’t socially independent and these both have been completely dependent on each other. To answer my question yes religion does affect a country’s political system. Movements like liberation theology were successful in South America because of the society accepted it but movements like beef ban in India weren’t successful enough because the certain populated part of society didn’t accept them. In conclusion, we could say that religion definitely affects a country’s politics and it has both a positive and negative impact depending on how the citizens react to it.

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