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Don’t power down on scorum

In the crypto market people will always buy and sell, and not be seen as doing something “bad” or “harmful” for selling it.

As Bitcoin surged in the past few weeks, alt coins also plummeted and our so called SCR was not a exemption to this but at the moment SCR continues to plunge to new lows.

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The price of SCR has been falling for over 9 months and this has made us lost many users because of the drop, or probably because people thought the team have given up on the project.

There has been a slight slowdown especially in price stability and the while whole doom and gloom people keep expressing their concern for a better exchange to remedy the situation. Yeah we all know that an unstable currency is also pretty unattractive to people, but that’s less of an issue because it doesn’t necessarily affect those of us who believe in the project.

I have a strong feeling that SCR is one of those coins that will survive this bear market. It’s not a scam or something, it’s very legit because they try to solve real world issues especially in the betting and sports world, and we have a lot development going underground

believe that once smart money kicks in and the weak hands are weeded out, it will be a smooth climb to new highs. I believed it won’t be long before that happens. I see increasing volume during massive sell out which to me are indicators wherein professional traders are trying to absorb everything wholesale.

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In one of Pete’s recent posts he advised people not to power down or dump SCR but there’s no way we can prevent that from happening. I believe if all those who are only concerned about profit and nothing else sold off their stake/shares of SCR, it will put a downward pressure on the price of SCR but then thousands of other users will be able to buy it at and cheaper rate which will in turn bring more decentralization to the power structure on the platform.

If they can sell it then it means someone else owns it. All fingers are not equal and we need to understand that there are many who are in need of financial everyday life and all they do is power down to sell at ridiculous rates just to live their everyday lives

I still think the platform doesn’t need 50 rich whales on the platform with all the stake more centralized but 500 or 500 or 50″,000 people with stake that is more decentralized instead

Also, if the price gets too low for too long. We will have a hard time attracting good witnesses.

Now is the right time to go long on steem.

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