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E-cigarettes could be stressing you out

I. E-Cigarettes Could Be Stressing You Out

II. M.C. and P.V.D.B. conceived the idea and the design of the study. M.C. has full access to all of the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis. M.C. and C.M. performed the statistical analysis. M.C. enrolled the participants and took outcome measurements. B.D.B., W.Z., A.C. assured the steps of randomization (sequence generation, allocation concealment, and intervention administration). G.D. performed serum nicotine analysis. M.C., F.R., K.Z.B., P.V.A., C.D. performed oxidative stress biomarkers analysis. M.C. drafted the manuscript. C.M., F.R., K.Z.B., P.V.A., C.D., N.D., P.V.D.B. revisited critically the manuscript for important intellectual content. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

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III. The topic of this experiment that I have chosen to write about involves E-Cigarettes and how they could be stressing you out instead of their main purpose- to destress you and help you relax. Multiple studies have come to show that after vaping or using an electronic cigarette, patients have shown an increase in endothelial disfunction, oxidative stress imbalance and arterial stiffness. These issues that have been found out are not the only negative affects that comes with these electronic smoking devices. Nicotine is an alkaloid, which causes a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, which also includes vasoconstriction through catecholamine releases and endothelial disfunction. This is not the extent of the issues caused by electronic smoking devices, but a scratch on the surface.

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IV. In the specific experiment performed in this article- it was a randomized study that was placebo-controlled. The design was single-blind with a three-period crossover design. The three periods were vaping without nicotine, vaping with nicotine and sham-vaping. The way the order of the three sequences was determined was by a randomized computer generator. The vaping liquids that were used were 50% PG and 50% GLY pharmaceutical grade. One of the two mixes also had nicotine added to it in the amount of The e-cigarettes used were set up at 60 watts and each session consisted of 25 puffs.

V. The results pretty much showed what the testers probably weren’t expecting. None of the predictions that made an appearance in the hypothesis seemed to turn out the way that was expected. The tests that were run had little to almost no change between the before and after measurements.

VI. The conclusion of the experiment is that the exposure that teens in modern days get to these kind of electronic smoking devices have way less of an effect on anybody than what was originally thought. Without nicotine that is. Now this does not in anyway mean that all teens should do it since it “won’t hurt them anyway”, but that parents can have their minds at ease knowing their young adults aren’t ruining their bodies at such a young age. Now the nicotine is another story- the same juice mixes that these young adults are using, plus the nicotine, can have affects on arterial stiffness, a spike in high blood pressure and heart rate as well. E-cigarettes emit chemicals from them when the juice inside is burned at a high enough wattage that are high in potency and are shown to cause stress levels to rise. The study also came to show that after vaping nicotine for 30 minutes, the side effects felt like those of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. These symptoms include being dizzy, having an upset stomach, having a headache and feeling weak. Some of the test subjects also experienced throat irritation. In conclusion, if somebody is just wanting to vape for fun, vaping without nicotine will have the least amount of affects on their body. Where as vaping with nicotine should strictly be used for smokers looking to quit or stray away from the harsh ingredients in a normal cigarette. Neither of these forms of vaping are the best for any body and should be avoided as much as possible.

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This experiment was created to figure out just how bad using electronic smoking devices is for a persons body. I believe that the tests were run were good for he answers that they were wanting to figure out, except I believe there should have been a ore longitudinal study where a vaper with and a vaper without nicotine were followed and observed over a period of time lasting no more than a year. This way the testers would have been able to see what the affects of these devices is in somebody in the long run and how they become reliant on them. Questions should’ve been asked about “does vaping cause an increase in one’s resting heart rate?” or “how long does it take for somebody to form a nicotine addiction?”. Questions like this would’ve been interesting to know the answers to as well as the answers that were recorded in the studies that had already occurred.

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