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Earth, before and after humanity

Last updated on 04.06.2020

Earth “,before and after humanity became a disease Life in space for a girl named Earth was enjoyable for a little bit of time. Harmony and other beautiful sensations were a continuous every minute cycle. Before humanity became a disease. It was actually an amazing birth from mother nature. Later, a distant memory. Earth had an elegant blue and green colour. As well as vibe. Humans, animals and any other creatures finding a home in earth were in unison. Tears of joy just can’t not come about when you think of all the love and adoration combining like rainbows around Earth’s radius. The time of happiness in earth’s memory was more than just a temporary feeling. It was a state of mind. If earth’s time back then was a memory dimension you could travel to, it was merely heaven. Everyday started the same. Nature took its course, the people living on earth nurtured her. Smoothness just couldn’t stop running. The sincere affection between nature, earth and the everyday cycle simply was too immaculate. So much sweetness and everything nice in the air. You could nearly taste it. It would taste like maynards. Earth remembers people like Adam and Eve gratefully and gracefully, who took care of the gardens in earth with elegance. If earth really did have emotions and a memory, the bad might overshadow the good, resulting in depression, frustration and anger. Overtime, humanity became a disease. Earth could be frustrated because she can’t do anything to stop living beings on her from hurting her. Earth might also feel anger and depression for the same reason, as well as the fact that she also can’t stop these beings from hurting each other. So much continuous harmony in the beginning for that to happen was really painful for her. A hatred-filled state of mind was born Confronted by unlimited monstrosities. Earth would feel every part of its emotional structure aching. Aching horribly. With urbanization and deforestation, Earth’s blue and green essence was forced away, she definitely suffered serious violation. Blatant wars with downright uncanning consequences for her, Humanity was like a bacterial rebellion to earth. It just never stopped and instilled Earth with colossal rage. Earth was like a mom being frustrated that a kid won’t listen and she can’t do anything about it. The purity left in Earth would dearly wish for past unison between herself and all living in her. Positives could be present in the negatives in Earth’s emotions. The likes of brilliant artists, brilliant minds, fidelity and all things good fighters, especially during evil times of humanity’s history. This could be just enough for Earth’s emotional plane to be on the same level. Sadly, it’s not a very good thing. If earth was a person, she would probably be suicidal. To make a transition so quickly from opposite sides of an emotional spectrum is mind-blowing, way too difficult to comprehend and the Earth would then have a conflicted state of mind. Soldiers from the good and bad sides fighting in Earth’s mind. All monstrosities were more continuous than all great phenomena. Earth did still have amazing things like the seven wonders but it’s simply not enough to erase all emotional aching caused by uncontrollable and frustrating humans. Earth is big. It would probably have a big heart to. So earth’s emotions would more or less contain confliction, regret and pain. Earth would probably have wanted peace, love and positivity. Thought it was given traumatic experiences that would make any person go psychotic. Ups and more downs for earth, Earth’s emotion were in a marathon.The emotional perspective of earth is heartbreaking, but that’s how it would look like.

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