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Egypt and india

Comparison Between India and Egypt

Yihan Zhang

January 18, 2019

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Claire Donahue

The topic is egypt and india, what differences and similarities between egypt and india. There have three parts, geography, political system, and religion.What were the similarities and differences between Egyptian and India geography, political system, and religion. There have differences and similarities in these three parts.

First pharapargh is geography part. These comparisons can explain what differences and similarities in this part. There have some useful information from this evidence, this evidence is about how long is Brahmaputra River, “It flows some 1″,800 miles (2″,900 km) from its source in the Himalayas to its confluence with the Ganges (Ganga) River, after which the mingled waters of the two rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal. ” this river is so long, but it’s shorter than Nile river. This is differences in geography part. The fertility for land is really important. The land fertility or not is really important. “The Indus Valley Civilization was a good civilization, people are really like make plants .” Most of land are very fertility. Ancient Egypt like make plants, Their land is very fertile too, this is similarities in geography part. Egypt and india have many differences and similarities. They also have some special things. This is geography part.

Second pharapargh is political system part. For each country, political is really important for them. In some country their president is most powerful, but some country are not. “The most powerful government officials belonged to the council of ministers.” in India, the minister is most powerful. In Egypt, their pharaoh is most powerful. This is different part in political system part. The government needs to collect taxes every year, but different country has different rules. “The leader governed by controlling trade and collecting taxes.” their leader can controlled trade and taxes. Egypt leader can control their trade too, it is a similarity in political system part. “India‘s of head of state, the president, is elected by cabinet members.” they elected president bass vote. In the Egypt, their pharaoh”s son will be a next pharaoh. This is different part.

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In India, their political system is Parliamentary republic, Egypt is Monarchy autocracy. For this paragraph, two country have many different systems in political. These differences make two country have different future.

Third paragraph is religion part. Both of egypt and india have religion, they also have their own god, but they have differences in religion. This evidence can explain what is afterlife and give me reason for why they built pyramid. “ indian believe people are reborn, or they will come back to this world after they die.” so they don’t think the dead is the end of life, they believed afterlife. Ancient Egypt believe they have afterlife, so they built pyramid for their pharaoh. The god is very important in their mind. Religion rite always happened in people’s’ daily life. This is the best proof. “The elephant-headed Ganesha is renowned throughout India as the Lord of Beginnings, and both the placer and the remover of obstacles. It is for this reason that he is worshipped before any new venture is begun, when his benediction is essential. Temporary statues are created every year for the Ganeshchaturthi festival in Mumbai, and are placed in public or domestic shrines before being immersed in water at the end of the celebrations.” every year, people have special activity, and people never forget it. In egypt, people built many temples for different god, they also think god is very important. Religion is part of their life.

This two countries have a lot of differences and similarities between egypt and india, they have some special things, the most important is every country have their own special geography, religion and political system. These things are useful information, if you know this very well, you can easier to know that country, and more clear to world history.

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