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Email system for blind people

Tools and Technologies


Table 2Tools and Technologies for Proposed Project

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Tools Version Rationale

Andoid studio 2019 IDE

MS SQL Server 2018 DBMS

Tools Adobe Photoshop CSC 6 Design Work

And MS Word 2015 Documentation

Technologies MS Power Point 2016 Presentation

Balasimiq 2.0.5 Mockups Creation

Technology Version Rationale

java 8.0 Programming language

OOP 2015 Programming Language

Html 5 Web Development

Project Stakeholders and Roles

Write down the project stakeholders and their roles.

Table 3Project Stakeholders for Proposed Project

Project Sponser COMSATS University, Islamabad Sahiwal campus

Stakeholder Mention your stake holders with their roles and responsibilities.

Default option will be:

• Student names

Aqib juanid_ group leader perform all programming task

Arslan tahir_ design the user interface

Aqsa jaffar_ cover the documentation

• Project Supervisor Name: Mr.Muhammad Umar

• Final Year Project Committee: Evaluation of project

Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division

Table 4Team Member Work Division for Proposed Project

Student Name Student Registration Number Responsibility/ Modules

Aqib junaid Sp18-Mcs -003 (module 1-module 3)

Will manage programming

Arslan tahir Sp18-Mcs -008 (module 4-module 6)

Designing and database

Aqsa jaffar Sp18-Mcs -016 (module 7-module 9)


Data Gathering Approach

Actually we personally notice this problem at many palces when blind people use computer, mobile phone and their services. Then I thought that there should be an email system for blind people which can be used for easily communication over internet through gamil. So the techniques we used for data gathering are:

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• Observations

• Documents and Records

• Research papers



 Android Application Development:

While doing this project we will learn about how to develop an application in android studio. We would be able to learn a lot of new skills regarding the language required to develop and application in Android Studio.


 Java Language:

While doing this project we will learn Java. Java is an object oriented language, and we will furnish our skills while developing this app using this language.


 MySQL Server:

We have to connect our application with some backend database, we will use MySQL online database and learn skills about how to make connectivity. These are all new things for us to learn.


 Marketing of Product:

We will learn about how to do the marketing of your new made product. We will learn how to advertise a new product for the selected audience and how to attract them with new technology.

Gantt chart

No Activity Mar 17 April 17 May 17 Jun 17 Sep 17 Oct 17 Nov 17 Dec 17

2 12 15 25 05 25 10 07 07 15

1 Project Idea

2 Kick off meeting

3 Pre-feasibility study of the project

4 Administrative approval of the project

5 Preparation of DPR

6 Sanctioning of DPR

7 Implementation of the project

8 Overview of the progress

9 Sending the completion report of the project



Our project is efficient and an economical system, which allows a visually challenged to interact with mobile based application, outlining the development and implementation of a real-time email interaction system for vision impaired. This project presents a system for visually challenged user interaction based on real time web applications. The aim of the project is all about checking the inbox for visually challenged in which the mail can be read through the voice recognizer only if when the user can select the mail.

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It also helps handicapped and illiterate people.


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[4] The Radicati website. [Online]. Available: Statistics-Report-2014-2018-Executive-Summary.pdf.

[5] The WHO website. [Online]. Available:

Plagiarism Report

Attach the Plagiarism report of your project scope document from library staff of turnitin tool (

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