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energy and the like. As addressed in [ 4 ], it is done on the basis of correctly characterized state variables. For instance, it does not artificially distinguish between “mobile” and “immobile” dislocations, nor does it use a plastic strain field and its affiliated reference state as if these principles were physically relevant in irreversible systems. It’s much easier than conventional theories It consists of only a few motion equations and a comparatively few numbers of material – specific conditions. Power – law phenomenology does not fit experimental results. However, this hypothesis has proved capable of scientifically illustrating a wide array of initially unexplained behaviors, as outlined in. In my view, this simple theory’s main weakness of it is that it is too easy. Finding its applicability limitations seems essential. One way to do this is to repeat [ 1″,2 ] analyzes using sets of experimental results calculated under different driving conditions for different types of materials. Huge differences signify that there are missing Or theoretical spices incorrect. A tactic that is particularly relevant to this publication is to use Rycroft – Bouchbinder methods [ 16 ] to calculate fracture toughness with this dislocation hypothesis or to examine Rittel’s assumptions in detail.], but with new experimental observations, this strategy should be coordinated. More generally, we need to examine how this hypothesis can define collective dynamic behaviors of dislocations, like those described, or can not. In Ananthakrishna’s monumental review [17].Ananthakrishna often takes care in his lecture to couch his mathematics in terms of physically well – defined state variables (e.g. dislocation densities), and he utilizes these variables in statistically sensitive equations of Langevin or Fokker – Planck. In my view, he does not take the principle of entropy sufficiently seriously, so he finds it difficult to evaluate the noise strengths that necessarily enter these formulations. However, I find his discussions about different types of slip bands and propagating modes like the impact of Portevin – Le Chatelier very interesting. They may lie beyond the scope of this theory.

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