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English research invention project

In 1984, Chuck Hull, created an invention that would go down in history, and change the future! You’re probably wondering what this invention this could be. The invention that could over time create anything from pharmaceuticals to food and spacecraft. They invention that changed the world! It’s the 3D printer a machine that uses the process called stereolithography to use photopolymers and ultraviolet light to build up 3D structures.

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Chuck Hull is the inventor of the 3D printer and the process called stereolithography. He is the Co-founder and Chief Officer of 3D Systems. He is named inventor on more than 60 United States patents, plus numerous other patents around the world, in the fields of ion optics and 3D printing. He was born May 12″,1939 in Clifton Colorado, he now lives in Canyon Country, California, with his wife Antoinette. Little else is known of his childhood.

Mr. Hull received a BS degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado in 1961 and an honorary Doctorate in Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK in 2005. Mr. Hull. He and his wife Antoinette have two children and two grandchildren. His other activities include aviation, he has been an active private pilot since 1973, and he is an avid amateur photographer and videographer. He also travels extensively, both for business and pleasure. His greatest achievement was stereolithography or 3D printing. 3D printing has since then developed so far, that they now are experimenting with building houses with the new technology

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When chuck first started experimenting with the idea of stereolithography (a process for creating three-dimensional objects using a computer-controlled laser to build up the required structure, layer by layer, from a liquid photopolymer that becomes a solid) he used materials called photopolymers which are typically acrylic based and is a liquid until it hits an ultraviolet light then it instantly solidifies. One of the most significant changes in the 3D printer is the chemistry of the photopolymer’s, originally there was distortion, inaccuracies, warp-age, and the materials were very brittle. Now days you get good and tough plastic materials.

(source e) The entire premise of this technology has been to foster creativity. Automakers utilized the technology to create prototypes of new concepts. One of the things that most surprised Mr. Hall was the development in medicine where models could be created ahead of surgery. The possibilities appear endless. Over time it may be possible to print anything from food and pharmaceuticals to recreating ceramics from a picture and even prototyping spacecraft.

In terms of the total goods and services, the industry is worth roughly 3 billion dollars annually and it’s growing at a rapid rate. (source d)

Extrapolation from my imagination

The future of 3D printing:

One day, we could be able to 3D print food. It could be like the cartoon movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” Over time it could change from fiction to reality! Can you imagine going to your computer and ordering up a cheeseburger and then printing it out? The only negative outcome of this idea could be a lack of nutrition in the food which could result in obesity.

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