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Entertaining games cats and dogs like to play

entertaining your pet can sometimes feel like a chore. pets can require lots of attention. as the owner of go groom a mobile pet grooming business i see the challenge of entertaining pets first hand. while sometimes challenging there are many different ways to entertain your pet. the type of pet and its behavioral traits are variables that should be considered when determining how to entertain your pet. once you find the right way to connect youll build a stronger bond and deeper trust with your beloved companion. since my clients are cats and dogs here are my personal favorites. games for cats: light: a simple way to entertain cats is with a light. all you need is a flashlight. shine the flashlight on various places such as the floor or wall and your cat will try to catch it. cats typically become playful when you shine a light on the wall floor or other surfaces. be careful not to shine the light in the cats or anyone elses eyes. be sure to only play this for a little bit as your cat may get tired of chasing a light they cant catch. this simple game is great exercise for your cat as theyll be constantly moving. chasing a constantly moving light will help sharpen their focus. feather and string: this is another simple game. simply attach an item such as a feather to the end of a long piece of string. move the string around and your cat will start to paw at the feather. cats easily pick up on motion and are drawn to it. when playing feather and string however be aware cats can become hyper being teased with string. this simple game will help develop your cats reflexes. additionally games like this exercise their mind too by causing them to think about when and where to go at the feather. crumpled paper toss: similar to dogs cats also like to chase and crumpled paper works like a charm. first start by crumpling up a piece of paper. then simply toss the paper onto the floor getting your cat to chase it and hopefully play with it. since cats enjoy sound the sound of the paper can keep them occupied for longer periods of time. as your cats interest allows grab the paper and repeat the throwing and chase game until theyre no longer interested. this game provides great physical and mental stimulation for your cat while they chase jump push and paw the paper. however the paper can become unsafe if consumed by your cat. keep an eye on your cat to make sure they do not consume any of the paper. games for dogs: fetch: this is perhaps the most popular game played with dogs. while it may seem rather self-explanatory here is how its done. grab a fetch item such as a ball or stick. this game is best played outside but can be done inside if needed. try your best to get your dogs attention on the fetch item. once you have their attention throw the fetch item a decent distance so your dog will chase it. once theyve fetched the thrown item get your dog to bring it back to you and repeat this process. be aware sometimes when your dog brings the fetch item back to you they dont want to let go. just be patient and continue to work with them until they turn loose of the fetch item. this great exercise engages your dogs natural instinct to chase and fetch. since not all dog owners are hunters fetch is a great alternative to exercise your dogs natural instincts. plus your dog will burn some serious calories while having a great time. tug-o-war: this is a game that dogs can play with both people or other dogs. tug-o-war requires something your dog can tug such as a rope old sock or long toy. get your dog to grab one end of the toy and you or another dog grab the other. carefully pull back and forth until the dog s become tired or bored of the game. remember to tug gently so you dont hurt the dogs mouth or teeth. dogs are able to release extra aggression while tugging. this is also a good game to help dogs build and develop stronger muscle tone. plus if your dog has an ego theyll like to show off how strong and tough they are while playing this game. simon says: a game of simon says requires you have some treats handy. ask your dog to perform various tricks such as sit shake or lay down. when they perform the trick immediately praise and reward them with a treat. this game is especially good when training puppies but can be done with dogs of all ages. it is a good way to test their ability to perform various commands and identify what your dog needs to improve. it is also a good way to train dogs how to do new tricks.

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