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Entrepreneurship and leadership

Entrepreneurship and leadership


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Just as every car leads you to a beautiful distance, every professional entrepreneur has left the road of thorns behind. The journey is vast, and every entrepreneur has gone through the focus and the road of perfection. They all experience different obstacles. When they win in the same category, their characteristics are displayed, and this road of dedication is finally will eventually merge and lead to openness.

Professionalism represents the temperament of an era, the pursuit of the ultimate professionalism, can form a common cultural value in the enterprise, and thus cultivate the endogenous motivation of the enterprise.

In today’s highly developed and increasingly competitive society, what qualities does Lim Peck Hui have to lead the company to success?

First, we learned that before the establishment of Tunity Technology, her team, ST Electronics, developed and implemented the world’s first fully integrated RFID National Library Authority (NLB) management system.

Lim Peck Hui began his career as a Defence Budget Analyst for the Department of Defence. From there she learned how MINDEF conducts business in a very productive way and how to operate efficiently. Then she became a productivity activist. A large part of this is the use of technology to improve processes.

Subsequently, she founded Tunity Technology in 2003.


Consistently learning

“Don’t fight unprepared.” Before starting a business, you must fully learn and understand. Just like Lim Peck Hui can learn entrepreneurial skills from work and then start a business; no matter from capital expenditure, personal connections, personnel management, market development, learning and accumulating experience are indispensable for success. factor.

Every day, companies face the challenge of changing the market. Therefore, only by continuous learning can we “strategy in the fiercely competitive market and win thousands of miles away”.


Choosing what industry to start a business, in which industry to start a business has more advantages, when is the best time to start a business in the industry, etc., these are all issues to consider. For entrepreneurs, the industry chosen must match their own expertise and conditions, so that they can take advantage of countless competitors. In addition, before starting a business, you must conduct professional market research. Those industries with lower costs and lower risks are hot industries for entrepreneurship. But don’t follow the trend, follow the public and choose an industry that is not suitable for your own business.

Everything needs a detailed plan at the beginning. At the beginning of the plan, you need to have a clear direction of business development, and must be implemented as planned for a long time. The most important thing in the plan will always be the first place.

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Sustained and passionate efforts to achieve the stated goals, the efficiency of the work will increase, and the possibility of success will accumulate. Beyond the plan, there are often temporary changes, and once there are more important opportunities than the current plan, it is necessary to conduct analysis and decision-making in a timely manner. Seizing a rare opportunity may help the company become famous.


American writer Emerson said: “Confidence is the first secret of success.” “Confidence is the essence of heroism.” Although there has been a lot of discussion about the importance of self-confidence to a person’s success, I still have to repeat it here, because self-confidence is really important to you all the time. If you feel that your child will be very promising in the future, you will train him according to his standard of survival. If you think that the exam will pass, you will be fully prepared before the exam. You will have confidence in the exam day, and the chance of passing will be greatly increased. Although a person with self-confidence is not necessarily successful, a person without self-confidence will certainly not succeed.

For Turinity and Lim Peck Hui, she is always convinced that her technology can help improve operations and productivity. For example, a very good project is the NLB project. She is a pioneering team that has completed library projects from scratch, converting 10 million books from barcodes to RFID. The transformation journey at that time was not easy. Many things are related to people’s beliefs and visionary leadership, including her former president at ST Electronics. Even if she is not an engineer, they give her confidence. She said she felt very lucky and took this project as a start. This gives her confidence in the other projects she is doing. In today’s era, she still wants to create another amazing result for her clients.

Psychologists have done an experiment in which a mouse is placed in a cage. At the beginning, the mouse can jump out of the cage. Then, the psychologist put a transparent lid on the cage and the mouse still jumped up. But after touching the cover several times, it hurts, and slowly can’t jump so high. At this time, the psychologist took the cover away and found that the mouse could not jump out of the cage because it had set the target to the height of the lid.

Why is this not the case? Life is not smooth, you must be prepared for failure. But you must be convinced that success or failure is not “destined”, but related to the level of your efforts, but also firmly believe that you can overcome all difficulties. Self-confidence is not blindly optimistic, it is not a self-respect, it is not a sinister arrogance, and it is not a smug. It is a kind of psychological quality that encourages oneself to make progress; it is an optimistic mood that meets the challenges of life with high morale and abundant energy; it is a panacea for defeating oneself and getting rid of troubles. Confidence is about strategically despising difficulties and tactics to pay attention to difficulties. We must do everything in a down-to-earth manner, constantly recognize ourselves from the joy of success, and constantly break through the shackles of negative emotions, thus creating a miracle of life. Otherwise, once you encounter difficulties, it will turn things that could have been done into an insurmountable obstacle.

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In short, only by believing in yourself can we inspire the courage to make progress, and then we can feel the joy of life and maximize our potential. Our founder has succeeded in today’s success because she always believes that technology can change people’s lives and always fight for it.

Team strengths

There is a saying that is good: “Smart people are good at using the wisdom of others.” Successful bosses know how to form a project team for each of their strengths, so that they can learn from each other’s strengths, coordinate and cooperate, and unite and forge ahead. The reason is very simple. When a group of interdependent and complementary people work together to achieve a specific goal, the efficiency is often the highest. At this time, it is most likely to stimulate the team’s combat effectiveness, so that the team is like a group of wolves, fighting and killing.

Lim realized that a problem was that some employees who worked in the company for a long time would be complacent and they would not contribute to the company’s development. They think this is a matter of course. So, if management uses technology to improve efficiency, then the group will lose its job. She looks at it from a positive perspective. The result must be efficiency, revenue growth, and profit growth so that everyone is happy. Employees do different things, do higher value-added work, and train to upgrade themselves. All of this must be managed in very different ways. It must be planned because she always feels that employees are not as resources as assets. This is a kind of life. This is a precious life, joining you with your life and spending a third of your life with the company.

As a boss, you must change your life. This is how she sees her company. So she always tells herself that there must be a positive delta from the time they enter and the time they leave the company. If not, then she is not doing the job to train them.

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Sometimes as a business owner, she is also helping to change human capital and improve resources to better contribute to the next company, which she considers to be a responsibility.

“Why did God create two ears for human beings when he created man, but only one mouth?” The natural function tells us: talk less, listen more. The purpose of listening is to understand: only understand others before you can be understood by others. The purpose of listening is to get information, and access to information is a vital part of business activities.

Successful bosses should be good at listening to other people’s opinions, especially the opinions of successful people. Their experience will help you achieve your goals better. Listening to the opinions of employees is beneficial to the internal management of the company, and timely discovering problems. In addition to normal working hours, set aside time to contact your employees, pay more attention to the daily life of employees, and try to solve some problems for them. To increase the mutual trust between employees and you, treat you as a friend who can be sincere.

Lim Peck Hui said: “If you don’t train your employees, they are unlikely to be with you. Especially for SMEs, even attracting workers is a very challenging activity. So, no matter who’s been there. We cherish them. When we cherish them, we treat them in different ways. We want them to be productive, happy, and active when we are with us, so we think this is our responsibility. Employees also have a responsibility to ensure They are sustainable as employees. You must know what you are good at, what you are interested in, what the company needs, and then go to the appropriate training. I always think that employees have to work. If they feel they can be replaced, they can advise their boss.”

Turnity is also moving forward now, treating employees like “business people”. The company helps them understand how businesses operate, manage, and they can see everything. Make sure the employees in Turnity did not focus on a narrow, specific work area. They can see the whole process. This is how they can learn. Turnity provides them the big picture. They must also be rewarded to think about how creatively they can afford and grow their business at the same time.

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