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Entrepreneurship education

Entrepreneurship means to start and develop business, and is ready to take risk for loss

In order to make money. Entrepreneur is a risk taker who takes risks to invest his/her own money into business and bears different kind of social and economic risks.

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Education on entrepreneur plays a vital role in upbringing the student’s confidence. They are more into economic development. Entrepreneur education gives a chance to students to learn more about capitalism. Students think out of the box. They are more innovative and have certain vision and mission about their business. Due to this there is more self-employment and creates more job market and it helps in economic growth.

Entrepreneurship is not a new topic, it has increased attention from the last 15 years all over the globe. Entrepreneur seems to be a promising solution to overcome unemployment all over world. The terms entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are nowadays common to the vocabularies of most people, and the topic occupies a distinctive position on the research agendas of scholars from a variety of disciplines including anthropology, history, management, psychology, sociology, and economics (Herbert, 1989). Entrepreneurship education enhances their abilities, talents and attitudes and gives them ability to create more ideas and to practice them. Entrepreneurship is a vast subject which there is mission, vision and formation. It requires urge to transform and implement new ideas. Entrepreneurial education lead to more technological advancement and there is more productivity. The role of entrepreneurship education is projected to provide theoretical foundation of entrepreneurship concepts, forming mindset, attitude, and behavior of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship education is a body of knowledge has two dimensions, venture start-ups and venture growth as well as having its own objects the ability to create productive activities (Suryana, 2013). Entrepreneurship Education involves in enhancing the motivation and of students. Entrepreneurial motivation is an energy that encourages individual doing activities leading to attainment of the needs, contributing satisfaction, and reducing imbalance by opening an enterprise or a business (Zimmerer, 2008). It is predictable Students that have taken Entrepreneurial education exhibits high motivation. Students’ entrepreneurial mind-set can be affected by way of entrepreneurship

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education that encourages them doing something productive that was once the intention in accordance with enhancement of their entrepreneurship abilities. Entrepreneurial motivation is a self-encouragement as contribution of both interior and external elements that enable to develop entrepreneurial aims.

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