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Ethical issues in social policy critical appraisal

Ethical issues in social policy critical appraisal

Social sciences


This essay will be evaluating the different views outlined in the presentation. This critical essay will also provide consistent views on ethical issues on the social policy as well as personal conclusions.

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Ethical issues are guidelines of the things that are correct and morally wrong which replaces the law and are left up to the individual to choose. Ethics focuses on what is good for individuals and society collectively, and this can be described as a moral viewpoint. Ethics are morals which a person chose to follow just as committing to being a vegetarian and so it impacts in the way we live our lives. Ethics are guidelines giving us direction as to which better choice to make.

Abortion is ending a life before it lives independently outside the mother’s body. I disagree with abortion because it contradicts the norms and values and most faiths disagree with the idea globally. For instance, in Christianity, abortion is known as sin, similarly to Islam except when it is to save the mother’s life and the death of the foetus. In other faiths like Hinduism, abortion is a violence. The Supreme Court decision of 1973 (Roe v. Wade) made abortion legally accessible to women within the first two trimesters of their pregnancy. As you can see, abortion is surrounded by ethical issues relating to life verses choice, although is legal in many states.

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Capital punishment is known as a death penalty which means that the offender is sentenced to death. This is due to the killing of an individual, due to the crime they have committed.

Capital punishment works when an individual has been discouraged.

Capital punishment neglects the right to life and the right to live. It puts a lot of pressure on people making the decisions to give punishments like death penalty. This could result in them having serious psychological and health issues. Killing humans is against the teaching of the Bible and Quran. Gods creature cannot be killed by another fellow human being unless it causes harm. Same goes to other faiths.

Personally, disbelieve in experimenting on animals because animals are not that different than humans. Experimenting on animals has significant effects. Many companies and businesses claim to be creating cruelty-free goods. It is morally wrong to examine on animals that has the exact same emotions as an individual. The positive part of testing on animals is that if animals have any effect, it is likely that humans get effected and so it is legally right to experiment on animals occasionally with the right intention and procedure which will benefit mankind.


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