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Ethics in information technology


The Each general public structures a lot of guidelines that sets up the limits of commonly acknowledged conduct. These guidelines are frequently communicated in articulations about how individuals ought to carry on, and they fit together to shape the ethical code by which a general public lives. Shockingly, the distinctive standards frequently have logical inconsistencies, and individuals are now and again dubious about which principle to pursue. For example, in the event that you witness a companion duplicate another person’s answers while taking a test, you may be gotten in a contention between devotion to your companion and the benefit of coming clean. In some cases the tenets don’t appear to cover new circumstances, and an individual must decide how to apply existing guidelines or develop new ones. You may strongly support personal privacy, but what rules do you think are acceptable for governing the appropriate use of company resources, such as e-mail and Internet access?

The term profound quality alludes to social shows about good and bad that are so broadly shared that they become the reason for a built up accord. Notwithstanding, singular perspectives on what is good may differ by age, social gathering, ethnic foundation, religion, beneficial encounters, training, and sexual orientation. There is boundless concurrence on the corruption of homicide burglary, and fire related crime, yet different practices that are acknowledged in one culture may be inadmissible in another.

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Indeed, even inside a similar society, individuals can have solid contradictions over essential good issues.

Ethics are one’s close to home convictions about good and bad, while the term morals portrays guidelines or codes of conduct expected of a person by a gathering (country, association, calling) to which an individual has a place. For instance, the morals of the law calling request that resistance lawyers protect a blamed customer to the best for their capacity, regardless of whether they realize that the customer is liable of the most horrifying and ethically shocking wrongdoing one could envision.

Law is a system of rules that tells us what we can and cannot do. Laws are enforced by a set of institutions (the police, courts, law-making bodies). Legal acts are acts that conform to the law. Moral acts conform to what an individual believes to be the right thing to do. Laws can proclaim an act as legal, although many people may consider the act immoral—for example, abortion.

The remainder of this chapter provides an introduction to ethics in the business world.

It discusses the importance of ethics in business, outlines what businesses can do to improve their ethics, provides advice on creating an ethical work environment, and suggests a model for ethical decision making.

Morals is a lot of convictions about good and bad conduct inside a general public. Moral conduct fits in with commonly acknowledged standards—a large number of which are practically all inclusive. Nonetheless, albeit almost everybody would concur that lying and tricking are exploitative, suppositions about what establishes moral conduct frequently fluctuate drastically. For instance, demeanors toward programming theft—that is, the act of illicitly making duplicates of programming or empowering others to get to programming to which they are not entitled—run from solid restriction to acknowledgment of the training as a standard way to deal with leading business. In 2007, 38% of all product available for use worldwide was pilfered—at an expense of almost $48 billion (USD). The most astounding theft rate—93%—was in Armenia; Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, and Moldova all had robbery rates of 92%. The least theft rates were in the US (20%), Luxembourg (21%), and New Zealand (22%).

As youngsters develop, they learn confounded undertakings—strolling, talking, swimming, riding a bicycle, composing the letters in order—that they perform without really thinking for the remainder of their lives. Individuals additionally create propensities that make it simpler to pick between what society thinks about positive or negative. Excellencies are propensities that slant individuals to do what is adequate, and indecencies are propensities for inadmissible conduct. Reasonableness, liberality, and dependability are instances of ideals, while vanity, voracity, jealousy, and outrage are viewed as indecencies. Individuals’ ethics and indecencies help characterize their own esteem framework—the complex plan of good qualities by which they live.



The development of the internet, the capacity to catch and store immense measures of individual information, and more prominent dependence on data frameworks in all parts of life have expanded the hazard that data innovation will be utilized dishonestly. Amidst the numerous IT achievements as of late, the significance of morals and human qualities has been underemphasized—with a scope of outcomes. Here are some examples that raise public concern about the ethical use of information technology:

• Many representatives may have their email and Web get to checked while at work, as bosses battle to adjust their need to oversee vital organization resources and work time with representatives’ craving for protection and self-heading.

• Millions of individuals have downloaded music and motion pictures at no charge and in clear infringement of copyright laws at enormous cost to the proprietors of those copyrights.

• Organizations contact a great many individuals worldwide through spontaneous email (spam) as a very minimal effort advertising approach.

• Hackers break into databases of money related and retail foundations to take client data, at that point use it to submit wholesale fraud—opening new records and charging buys to clueless exploited people.

• Students around the globe have been discovered downloading material from the Internet and counterfeiting content for their research papers.

• Web locales plant treats or spyware on guests’ hard drives to follow their online buys and exercises.

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Is There a Place for Ethics in IT?

On March 15, 2005, Michael Schrage published an article in CIO magazine entitled “Ethics, Schematics”,” which stirred up a great deal of controversy in the IT community. In the article”,

Schrage proposed that CIOs (chief information officers) “should stop trying to do the ‘right thing’ when implementing IT and focus instead on getting their implementations right.” Schrage argued that ethics had become a buzzword, just like quality in the 1980s; he asserted that the demand for ethical behaviour interferes with business efficiency.

In the article, Schrage gave a couple of situations to back up his sentiment. In one such model, an organization is building up a client relationship the board (CRM) framework, and the staff is buckling down to comply with the time constraint. The organization intends to redistribute the upkeep and backing of the CRM framework once it is created, implying that there is a decent possibility that 66% of the IT staff will be laid off. OK unveil this data? Schrage replied, “I don’t think so.”

In another situation, Schrage inquired as to whether they would consider purposely denying critical data of their supervisor on the off chance that they realized that its divulgence would incite his or her prompt counterproductive mediation in an essential task. Schrage said he would retain it. Business includes contending values, he contended, and exchange offs must be made to shield business activities from getting to be incapacitated.

Schrage was hit with a flood of reactions blaming him for being despicable, limited, and lethargic. Other criticism gave new points of view on his situations that Schrage had not considered in his article. For instance, an IT supervisor at Boise State College contended that making the best choice is useful for business. Not revealing cutbacks, she contended, is a trap that just works once. Remaining representatives will never again trust the organization and may seek after employments where they can feel progressively safe. New occupation candidates will reconsider before uniting an organization with a notoriety for abusing representatives. Different perusers reacted to that situation by proposing that the organization could attempt to keep up steadfastness by offering motivations for the individuals who stayed or by giving occupation position administrations to withdrawing representatives.

Tending to the second situation, another peruser, Dewey, recommended that not giving the manager vital data could reverse discharge on the representative: “Imagine a scenario in which your supervisor discovers reality. Imagine a scenario where you weren’t right and the manager could have made a difference. When your supervisor realizes that you lied once, will he trust you whenever?”

Another peruser had really worked under an ineffective, receptive, interfering supervisor. In light of his experience, he recommended addressing the supervisor about the issue at a suitable time and spot. Likewise, the peruser clarified that as circumstances emerged that expected him to pass on vital data that may inspire impedance; he created activity designs and made firm introductions to his supervisor. The supervisor, the peruser guaranteed Schrage, will adjust.

A few perusers contended that CIOs must consider the organization’s long haul needs instead of simply the present needs of a particular venture. Others contended that taking part in unscrupulous conduct, notwithstanding for the best of purposes, crosses a line that in the long run prompts progressively genuine transgressions. A few perusers presumed that Schrage had distributed the article to incite shock. Another peruser concurred with Schrage, contending that morals needs to “take a secondary lounge to spending plans and calendars” in a substantial association. This peruser clarified, “By the day’s end, IT is the business.”



There is also the possible threat of unfaithful or vengeful employees that can use information technology to achieve their personal goals which might be harmful to an organization. IT is not bad in itself, but the way humans use the tools provided by information technology has brought some serious challenges.

Software Piracy

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, software piracy in a corporate setting can sometimes be directly traceable to IT expertss—they may enable it to occur, or they may effectively take part in it. Corporate IT use strategies and the board ought to urge clients to report occasions of robbery and to challenge its training.

Once in a while IT clients are the ones who submit programming robbery. A typical infringement happens when representatives duplicate programming from their work PCs for use at home. Whenever stood up to, the IT client’s contention may be: “I purchased a home PC somewhat so I could take work home and be progressively profitable; consequently, I need a similar programming on my home PC as I have at work.” In any case, if nobody has paid for an extra permit to utilize the product on the home PC, this is still theft.

Inappropriate Use of Computing Resources

A few workers utilize their PCs to surf prominent Sites that have nothing to do with their employments, take an interest in talk rooms, see explicit locales, and play PC recreations. These exercises destroy laborer profitability and sit around idly. Besides, exercises, for example, seeing explicitly express material, sharing salacious jokes, and sending detest email could prompt claims and charges that an organization permitted a workplace helpful for racial or lewd behavior. As per a study by Harris Intelligent, 16% of men and 8% of ladies with Web access at work recognized that they had seen sex entertainment in the work environment. Organizations regularly fire visit sex entertainment guilty parties and make disciplinary move against less appalling wrongdoers. After a month long examination of PC utilization propensities for Washington, D.C., civil laborers, nine representatives were terminated and an unspecified number of representatives were authorized for visiting obscene Sites while at work.

Inappropriate Sharing of Information

Every organization stores vast amounts of information that can be classified as either private or confidential. Private data describes individual employees—for example, their salary information, attendance data, health records, and performance ratings. Private data also includes information about customers—credit card information, telephone number, home address, and so on. Confidential information describes a company and its operations, including sales and promotion plans, staffing projections, manufacturing processes, product formulas, tactical and strategic plans, and research and development. An IT user who shares this information with an unauthorized party, even inadvertently, has violated someone’s privacy or created the potential that company information could fall into the hands of competitors. For example, if an IT employee saw a co-worker’s payroll records and then discussed them with a friend; it would be a clear violation of the co-worker’s privacy.

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With tools like the internet, hackers have found it very easy to hack into any computer or system as long as it is connected on internet. Hackers can easily use an IP (Internet Protocol) address to access a user’s computer and collect data for selfish reasons. Also the wide spread of internet cookies which collect information whenever we use the internet , has exposed IT users to high risks of fraud and conflicting interests. Many big companies use these cookies to determine which products or service they can advertise to us. When it comes to online banking, the transfer of money can easily be interrupted by a hacker and all the money will be transferred to their desired accounts , which affects both the bank and the customers who is using online banking technology.

Privacy Issues

As much as information technology has enabled us to share and find relevant information online”,. It has also exploited our freedom of privacy. Their so many ways our privacy is exploited, (1) use of internet webcams, experienced computer users can turn on any webcam of any computer online and they will have access to your private life, many celebrities have been victims of these online stalkers. A good example is DharunRavia former Rutgers University student who was spying on his roommate through a webcam. use of social networks, the main concept of these networks is to connect with new and old friends then share your life with them, however, the loop hole in this, is that whenever someone access your shared life data like photos, they can like it and send it their friends who are not your friends, which might expose you to users with wrong intentions to use your data, also some companies are known for spying on their employees via these social networks.

Copyright Infringement

Information technology has made it simple for clients to get to any data or ancient rarity at some random time. With the expanded advancement of music sharing systems and photograph bookmarking locales, numerous unique makers of these works are losing the validity of their works, since clients of IT can without much of a stretch get entrance and offer that information with companions. Free music and record downloading destinations are springing up on web each day, loads of unique work like music collections, books , are being downloaded for nothing. For this situation one authentic client will buy the book , programming, web format or music collection, and they will submit it to a free download webpage where others will basically simply download that information for nothing. It is uplifting news for the clients since it spares them cash, yet it hurts the first maker of these works. The administration has shut a portion of these locales like, yet many are springing up utilizing entertaining URLs.

Increased pressure on IT experts

Since information technology systems have to run all the time, pressure is mounted on IT experts to ensure the accuracy and availability of these systems. Many big organizations which need to operate 24 hours will require a standby IT team to cater for any issues which might arise during the course of operation. This pressure results into stress and work overload which sometimes results into Imperfection.

Digital divide:

Information technology has many opportunities and it has shaped many industries in developed countries; however, developing countries have difficulties of enjoying the same benefits of Information technology. To get these benefits they have to train their labour and users should also adopt the new culture which is a bit costly in these developing countries. In some remote areas they do not even have power, so information technology tools like computers cannot be used. In other sectors like education, most of these developing countries have poor old education systems, so a student will not be aware of new information technologies.



• The utilization of non-traditional workers, including temporary workers, contractual workers, counselling firms, H-1B visa labourers, and redistributed offshore workers, gives an association greater adaptability in gathering its staffing needs, frequently at a lower cost. The utilization of non- traditional workers additionally raises moral issues for associations. When should such non- traditional workers be utilized, and how does such work influence an association’s capacity to develop and build up its very own representatives? How does the utilization of such assets sway the wages of the organization’s representatives?

• Whistle-blowing is an effort to attract in open thoughtfulness regarding a careless, illicit, untrustworthy, oppressive, or risky act by an organization or some other association. It is a vital moral issue for people and associations. How does one safely and effectively report misconduct, and how should managers handle a whistle-blowing incident?

• Green computing is a term applied to a variety of efforts directed toward the efficient design, manufacture, operation, and disposal of IT-related products, including personal computers, laptops, servers, printers, and printer supplies. Computer manufacturers and end users are faced with many questions about when and how to transition to green computing, and at what cost.

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• The electronics and information and communications technology (ICT) industry recognizes the need for a code to address ethical issues in the areas of worker safety and fairness, environmental responsibility, and business efficiency. What has been done so far, and what still needs to be done?


The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) was established to promote a common code of conduct for the electronics and information and communications technology (ICT) industry. The EICC focuses on the areas of worker safety and fairness, environmental responsibility, and business efficiency. Information and communications technology organizations, electronic manufacturers, software firms, and manufacturing service providers may voluntarily join the coalition.

The EICC has established a code of conduct that defines performance, compliance, auditing, and reporting guidelines across five areas of social responsibility: labour, health and safety, environment, management system, and ethics. Adopting organizations apply the code across their entire worldwide supply chain and require their first-tier suppliers to acknowledge and implement it . As of July 2009, the code has been formally adopted by over 38 EICC member organizations, including Adobe, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, and Sony . The following are the five areas of social responsibility and guiding principles covered by the code:

1. Labour: “Participants are committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community.”

2. Health and Safety: “Participants recognize that in addition to minimizing the incidence of work-related injury and illness, a safe and healthy work environment enhances the quality of products and services, consistency of production and worker retention and morale. Participants also recognize that on-going worker input and education is essential to identifying and solving health and safety issues in the workplace.”

3. Environment: “Participants recognize that environmental responsibility is integral to producing world class products. In manufacturing operations, adverse effects on the community, environment, and natural resources are to be minimized while safeguarding the health and safety of the public.”

4. Management System: “Participants shall adopt or establish a management system whose scope is related to the content of this Code. The management system shall be designed to ensure (a) compliance with applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements related to the participant’s operations and products; (b) conformance with this Code; and (c) identification and mitigation of operational risks related to this Code. It should also facilitate continual improvement.”

5. Ethics: “To meet social responsibilities and to achieve success in the marketplace, participants and their agents are to uphold the highest standards of ethics including: business integrity; no improper advantage; disclosure of information; intellectual property; fair business, advertising, and competition; and protection of identity.”

Prior to the adoption of the EICC Code of Conduct, many electronic manufacturing companies developed their own codes of conduct and used them to audit their suppliers.

Thus, suppliers could be subjected to multiple, independent audits based on different criteria.

The adoption of a single, global code of conduct by members of the EICC enables those companies to provide leadership in the area of corporate social responsibility. It also exerts pressure on suppliers to meet a common set of social principles.

The EICC has developed an audit program for member organizations in which audits are conducted by certified, third-party audit firms. EICC members use the audits to measure supplier compliance with the EICC Code of Conduct and to identify areas for improvement.


As much as information technology is important to our lives, it is facing some serious ethical challenges and it is up to the IT experts and users of information technology to be ready for these challenges. As more emerging information technologies pop up on the market, most of the IT experts and users do not know how to go about the challenges brought about by these technologies. Information technology is facing major challenges which are lack of privacy, security, copyright infringement and increased computer crimes. Criminals have been eagerly utilising the many loop holes technology offers. Since information technology greatly aids the speed, flow and access of information, cybercrime has become an ever rising profession. Many businesses and organizations are at risk of becoming a cyber-victim on a daily basis, as most, if not all business is based on some digital network.

Computers and information systems are used everywhere in society. New technologies are invaluable tools but they may have serious ethical consequences. The way an information technology tool affects sensitive issues has a direct impact on its effectiveness and usability. It may be difficult for users and stakeholders to adopt a computer system if they feel that its use violates important values and interests. To take advantage of a computer tool may not be easy in situations dominated by ethical conflicts. There is a great risk that expensive but necessary computer systems are abandoned because of scandals and conflicts. There is also a risk that ethically controversial systems are used sub optimally, that persons may get hurt, and that organizations may be damaged if they hesitate to use otherwise important and necessary computer tools.

Ethics in IT aims at the construction of tools that can be applied in systems development and use for the consideration of significant ethical aspects. The application of suitable ethical tools is a prerequisite to consider significant aspects in all phases of computer systems development, implementation and use. Ethical tools are necessary not only to construct a system that avoids conflicts with significant moral principles but mainly to build a successful system that will play a significant role in satisfying the most important values of users and stakeholders.

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