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Fashion trends for the spring and summer of 2019

With the arrival of the new year, we are ready to try out fashion novelties. Soon spring will come and then summer and we will no longer have to hide nice clothes under coats, which means that it is worth thinking about updating your spring wardrobe in the cold season. In winter, you can wear an old stretched sweater and old-fashioned jeans. Anyway, a long jacket will hide what you do not want to be seen. But when spring and summer arrive, each outfit must be chosen with caution. Fortunately, the spring-summer 2019 fashion trends provide us with interesting outfits.The trends are still a multi-layered image and a combination of multicolored prints, incompatible at first sight. It is worth noting that the trend of multilayer clothing has changed a bit, rather it evolved. Fashion trends for spring summer 2019 If before we had independently connected the pants with long tunics and shirts, this year, it will be easy to find a jacket with a satin insert stitched in the shape of a light shirt. Not everyone will like these provocative combinations, but undoubtedly this is one of the brightest fashion trends and breakthroughs of 2019. So, what will be fashionable in the spring and summer of 2019? To differentiate yourself from the crowd with a modern look, pay attention to the following clothing and accessories ideas. Fashion trends – The main color of 2019 and how to use it in fashion Each year, the Pantone Color Institute publishes a long-awaited report, which proclaims the color that will dominate overall design next year. In 2018, the ultraviolet consolidated its leadership, providing some tones more contiguous to the palette: lavender, purple and amethyst. Before the beginning of 2019, Pantone identified the next leader: now, Living Coral, with the number 16-1546, will be the most desirable color in clothing, footwear and accessories. It is not brilliant, nor chillon, like scarlet and orange red, moderately bright and simple, but interesting: the coral prepares us an excellent field for experiments next year. In the collections of 2019, the coral was represented in abundance: silk dresses, comfortable sweaters, printed skirts and even classic two-piece suits; they will be the most universal acquisition for the wardrobe of the next seasons. Combine pants with a basic tee or a voluminous one with an unusual cut, select your usual styles of any color: from the deep indigo to the wine palette. Even last year’s leader is perfect: a deep and multifaceted ultraviolet. A coral suit jacket can be a great accent color for the achromatic palette. A few years ago, elegant pants were already becoming fashionable, but they were soon replaced by more relevant shorts that opened the ankle. Next spring the knee-high pants again “conquer the world”. They are associated with equestrian sports. The tight pants fit perfectly in any style. They can be used as part of a business suit, combined with a fitted jacket. If the weather is cold, choose a short sports pants with tight knitwear. In the summer season, narrow pants can be combined with a shirt. Fashion Trends trouser ideas Much has already been said about multilayer clothing. This trend is a real test for those who fear or feel shy when it comes to combining things in a non-standard way. If you do not trust your abilities, or consider that a warm sweater is not combined with tight shirts that look underneath it or that are completely worn, this fashion trend will not interest you. Many famous designers are taking the opportunity to demonstrate in a model, a blouse, a dress or pants, several of their ideas at once. Feel free to choose pants made of different fabrics, for example, combining denim and wool and leather. Fashion Trends – Short Tops As in 2018 you can add short shirts to shorts to your wardrobe in 2019. In the new spring season, it is no longer a short shirt, but a closed bra. It is best to use it with high-cut pants, the same applies to long or medium length skirts. The miniskirts will not adapt to such a top since the image will be too vulgar. The lower part of the image should compensate a fairly short “top”. For everyday use, choose simple tops, with a minimum of detail and jewelry. If you are going to the club or to an outdoor party in the summer, look for extravagant options. Fashion Trends – Light beige clothing If you are looking for something elegant, the catwalks showed very clearly the color of the season. Add more beige to your wardrobe. You can dress in beige from head to toe in our photos you can see how designers used it in their collections for spring. Fashion has become more accessible, which means that you do not have to look for the precious pair of jeans, as did the women of the 80s, and it is not necessary to spend hours looking for a way to obtain a unique pattern. There are jackets with fuzzy patterns, bleached jeans and overalls with complex stomachs, and the more contrast, the better. In the new spring season, the designers could not resist one of the main signs of the 1980s the whitened denim. In the Proenza Schouler collection, midi skirts, bell-bottoms and jackets were made of “denim”. You can opt for jackets with bulky sleeves and slanted shoulders, vests and other iconic garments in the spring season. In the future spring-summer season, almost all the female costumes will be made of this fabric. Fashion Trends – Dyed Clothing This style emerged as a fashion favorite for the summer of 2018, and is a look that was combined on the catwalk. Not only will it be typical of older painters and hippies, it’s dyed look has had a modern update. In Dior, the brand used its meticulous craftsmanship in the process to create kaleidoscope versions, sometimes overlaying flowers. Prada opted for a floral approach, used to reflect a liberated woman. The Stella McCartney version came in blue and white boilersuits, t-shirts and combat pants. Fashion trends – Orange tones If you invested in light orange and dark decolor shades for the summer of 2018, you will be lucky for the summer of 2019, as warm, rusty reds are still a fashionable choice. For a truly elegant example of how to do it, turn to Valentino, where the orange and wine colors merge seamlessly. Versace chose a dark orange color to show on the catwalk. If you know that the orange does not suit you I could opt for the range of dark reds. No matter what your choice will be this trend, it signals a hot summer ahead. Fashion Trends – Shorts Two styles of shorts prevailed on the catwalks: shorts for cyclists or board shorts. Not everyone will feel brave when using the many styles that were used with the Chanel and Stella McCartney jackets, so Prada’s satin shorts, available in modern tones, will provide an alternative. The relaxed green style of Rejina Pyo will also be popular as the weather warms. Fashion Trends – Fashion Pants Smart pants that appear to be part of a suit may have been an important point on the catwalks of fashion weeks but there was a broader trend of adaptation that will probably change the way we dress next season. The industry is moving from the more fluid midi styles of recent seasons to a sharper silhouette: tailored pants were designed with shirts and belts to achieve a taut look that still feels softer than a suit: Balenciaga, Burberry and Givenchy were just some. The result? Clothes that look polished, elegant and that increases confidence. Fashion Trends – Utility A very important trends that we will probably hear a lot the next spring summer season. If you like fashion with functionality and these two are balanced, then this is a good trend. Denim boiler suits, combat pants (a style that has been out of fashion long enough to make a great comeback), oversized anoraks and utility jackets prevailed on the catwalks like Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Isabal Marant, Balmain , Givenchy and Hermès. Regarding the combat pants, do not be scared, these are not military-inspired and instead are loose with pockets that are not bulky. Fashion Trends – Gathered Dresses If you invest in a style of dress next season, make sure you have gathered clothes: a romantic version of the body and much more forgiving. The carefully positioned shirred dress has great potential to improve the figure; add curves to thinner frames and those with more curvilinear silhouettes will appreciate your ability to stretch in the right places. Givenchy balanced the ruffled details with folds to create a dress that will be on top of many wish lists next season, while Calvin Klein used it to adjust it at the waist

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