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Judgements of other people People around surroundings make a lot of judgements from the first few seconds of seeing each other. Judgements go way beyond like how everyone is dressed, how elegant, fresh and tidy they look. The research was carried out with 300 adults (men and women) to test individual`s judgement about the appearance. The images of a man and a woman was showed for just 3 seconds. In some of the images the man was wearing a made-to-measure suit where in other image he was wearing alike off-the-peg suit on the high street. The face of the model was pixeled to unable any message in the facial expression. All of the big differences in suits are controlled such as color and fabric to minimalise the variety. After a 3-second of exposure, the man in the bespoke suit was found to be more favorable compared to other and showed that judgements were not about how well he was dressed. The ratings showed that man in off-the-peg suit on the high street look more confident, successful and flexible. These impressions have been formed after a quick eyeing of what he was wearing as the face of the model was blanked out in the images. Thus, study indicated that clothes say a great deal about who you are and can give great impressions of socially significant things to others. Researchers also stated that these impressions can also start in childhood as one study showed that teachers made assumptions about student`s academic ability by looking their clothes. Even small changes to clothing style can lead to negative impressions on women in the higher positions. This means that clothing sytles needed to be chosen very carefully as people can make all sorts of assumptions and decisions without a proper evidence (Psychology Today, 2019). Conclusion Last but not least, the findings from the studies done imply that clothing is used as an appearance and managing tool to reflect positive and negative moods. Variable emotions can generate a different clothing styles.Consistently, results also showed that personality can be reflected, managed and expressed by the clothing choice of individuals. The findings quantified emotional responses to clothing and its relationship with personality traits. The emotional component is the sensual and all positive and negative mood can reply the object. Clothing can define your personality, mood and emotions depending on the type you style, the colour you wear and so on. As I explained in the research, clothes can say a lot from your personality. Because personalities have big impact when you choose what to wear. Most of the recent studies have discovered that individuals are dressed according to their moods and changes in the emotional mood can lead to a selection of color in the clothing. Selection of clothing style also leaves a great impression on people around as most of the people use the look of individuals to judge them. To sum of, as its understood from the dissertation discussed fashion, clothing, personality and mood are highly correlated with each other. More studies can be performed to understand their relationships in a deeply manner.

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