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First day of school

Grade 8 year. It symbolizes the beginning of the end, but also the start of a new beginning. I woke up stretching over to switch off my buzzing alarm clock. It was my first day of grade 8, but it was also my last year before high school. I glanced out my window, watching as the large glowing sun rose into the dull morning sky, admiring the colors made by the rising sun. I snapped out of my thoughts as my mother called for my brother letting him know he would be late if he stayed in that bed of his any longer.

As the clock hit 7:50. I stood up getting off of my bed placing one foot after another stopping in front of my dresser to put on my outfit that was neatly placed on top just the way I had left it the night prior. Being pleased with my appearance I head downstairs grabbing my bag placing both straps over my shoulder before walking out the front door.

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Opening the door, I had noticed the sky had opened up to a soft light blue as a slight breeze brushed passed my cheeks. It was pleasantly warm with everything on the ground soaking in the sunlight that it looked like there were diamonds sparkling on top of the trees and grass. Slowly pulling up to the school. I nervously fidgeting with my fingers as my mother voiced kind and encouraging words before I hopped out of the car while she waved me goodbye before driving off. I took a deep breath before walking to the back of the school like we would every year. As I wandered, my eyes scanned the school’s yard as I was trying to find someone I recognized but it seemed impossible. All I could see was bright colors of the primary grades backpacks. I walked a bit more until I noticed where all the grade 8’s would be lining up.

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There were countless people, most running around dashing past me only missing me by a few inches. I felt so out of place. I felt so alone, it felt like I was placed in the middle of nowhere and all I wanted to do was to head home. After a few more steps I had made it to the line where the grade 8’s would be meeting. I heard my name be called a couple of times but I couldn’t figure out if someone was calling my name from all the conversation and giggles around me. I heard a familiar voice call out my name and this time clearer. I turned around as a smile creeps itself on my face when I gladly saw my best friend. My pounding heart was drawn back to its normal rate as I saw a bunch of more familiar faces. Knowing I wasn’t the only one nerves from the expression on everyone’s faces somewhat made me feel a whole lot better.

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