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First trip abroad

For all my life everyone knows that I have a dream which wants to travel abroad but this is not happening easily. Because there are some problems that you don’t expect them. These problems may be financial or related- family issues. But this time, I am nearly at this point. Two years ago, I decided to go to the United Kingdom. I don’t know why I want to go there. The foremost reason is an English language course. To be honest, this is not the only reason. Another reason would be my father. He studied and worked a couple of countries. When he tells his experiences and I wonder them. Each country has a different culture, daily life, feeling, cuisine from others as a normal. Today is the first step in achieving my dream. My hometown is Iskenderun which located the south of Turkey. I went to Ankara which is the capital of Turkey from my hometown for a visa interview. Firstly, I gave my all documents to the authorized person and he said, ‘Please have a seat and we will announce your name.’ I had seat and started to wait. I don’t remember getting so excited like this. In every second, I have a terrible question what happens if they don’t give me a visa? At the end of the lingering time, I started to interview and embassy employee asked some questions and the first question is ‘Why do you want to go to the United Kingdom?’ After all process, I started to wait for my result. It took me almost 2 weeks to learn the result. Finally, I got the result I wanted and approved my visa application. I have to celebrate this wonderful news. My best friend and I went to the best restaurant in my hometown because I really enjoy eating something there. Also, we went swimming in the sea. Unfortunately, I don’t have more options to celebrate it. I started to scan cheap flight tickets and bought a ticket. Flight time shows almost 5 hours. I am surprised because I haven’t experienced like this flight time. I have prepared my personal baggage. I have different feelings at the same time. I’m a little worried, on the other hand, while excited and happy. This is my first trip abroad and unbelievable. I asked interesting questions myself, ‘How would everything be?’ I am reading something on the internet to solve these questions and ask other people, who have experience and share the same feelings for my concerns. The biggest concern is speaking in English for me. What if people do not understand me or I do not understand them? After all, this is not my native language and I don’t speak well. I can’t stop thinking about people kidding of me. I have multiple feelings in this situation. They are hope, exciting, anxious and a little nervous. Finally, I am on the plane and after a short time, I have a bigheadache and my concerns started to affect me. I am trying to think good things but I could not overcome a headache. After a while, the pilot announced that we will be landing in an estimated half an hour. My hands and feet started to sweat and I started to question myself for a moment why I came here. For a short time, I forgot all my dreams. I came to myself after this shock and I am thinking more sensible than before. In the long run, I am in London, everything seems to me a mess. When I was crossing from one side to another side on the road, nearly every single driver was honking to me. Because the traffic line moves from the left and it is totally opposite in Turkey. I understand that I have to careful than before in the traffic. Moreover, the buses in England are completely different. They have the second floor and I am shocked. On my first day, the first thing that struck me was that there were people from every country and belief. For example, some people perform on the street and others sing. The crowded roads and subways had turned my head. I try to find my hostel and really need to sleep. I got lost a little andit was hard to find the hostel. Thanks to God, I found the hostel and lay in bed. Although that was the first day in the United Kingdom, I will never forget that day. When I was lying in the bed, I realized that I could overcome all difficulties, no matter how difficult it was, and wiped out all my worries in my mind. When every people face a problem, they never give up and should seek a solution.

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