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Five ways you can optimize your e-commerce website to drive sales

Five ways you can optimize your e-commerce website to drive sales

Developing an E-commerce website can be a challenge. Especially when you want your visitors to come back and actually make some purchases. If you go overboard with your design, with all those heavy, flashy animations and wacky art, your e-commerce website can become heavy, slow and rather unresponsive. Customers wouldn’t want to visit the site, even to browse for products, let alone make purchases. The development of an E-commerce website is a science and the best E-commerce website development companies in Dubai are doing their best to get the right balance of both the design of the website as well as the creative elements that go into making it.

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So, getting this balance of things is the key to getting more visitors who would want to buy things. With that said, here are five elements you can incorporate into your e-commerce website to get those vital customers.

1. The “Add to Cart” and “Call to Action” buttons should be clearly visible

One of the most important things that make an e-commerce website is the clear visibility of the “Add to Cart” and “Call to Action” buttons. Most developers tend to merge these buttons with the website’s color scheme. They also make the additional mistake of incorporating fancy buttons. So, make sure you have separate “Add to Cart” and “Purchase” buttons. Sometimes, a simple “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons can go a long way in customer satisfaction with reference to their buying experience.

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2. An autocomplete search function can be crucial

It’s very important to incorporate a good search function into your e-commerce website. Most customers today would want to search for their products instead of browsing for it through the hundreds of products on the store. So, a search function and an autocomplete search function at that will ensure customer satisfaction while the customers make their purchases, which in turn will help drive sales too. An autocomplete search function would mean your visitors won’t have to remember the name of the product. They can just search for it and the autocomplete function completes the search for them, kind of like a sales assistant.

3. Using a masthead can prove beneficial

While mastheads are used at the top of the website, mostly to assist customers by providing helpline numbers or other utility links, there are other uses of mastheads including their use for logos and graphical purposes. In fact, visitors don’t even look at mastheads. They turn towards them only when they need some help. So, a masthead should be subtle. It shouldn’t distract the buyer from browsing for their products or making the purchases. Additionally, it should be informative, so that buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for. Hence, by using the right content in the mastheads, they can prove to be of great help to the buyers.

4. A clean design is the best policy

What customers expect is a neat website design without much clutter. The website should focus on the products the company is intended to sell, without beating around the bush. Customers should know exactly what the site is selling at that moment. Also, their shopping experience should be pleasant and enjoyable. Such must be the website’s design. The customers should be allowed to categorize the products according to things like the price, date, customer reviews, etc. Also, a simple, easy to navigate design is often the one preferred by most customers today.

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5. Customers prefer easy navigation

While this is one of the primary requirements for any website today, web designers and website development companies are still finding it hard to make their sites easily navigable. Your website should be fast and responsive so that your customers don’t abandon their shopping mid-way just because it was taking too long. For instance, placing a “Continue Shopping” button after they add a product can go a long way in making your customers’ shopping experience a great one by allowing them to carry on shopping even after they have added a product or two into the cart.

So, use these five tips to make the shopping experience via your e-commerce website a memorable one for your customers. As such, the best e-commerce website design company in Dubai makes use of all the above techniques to make its user experience valuable, so that the visitors/customers/buyers would want to come back to the site again to buy stuff. Also, this is a good way to boost sales as well as the productivity of the site.

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