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For the future

Ever since I was born I have been intrigued and captivated by the numerous technological advances we have made throughout the past decade. Technology has become the one thing I would want to spend my life developing and creating for the betterment of all mankinds happiness. However some have grown to feel uneasy at the sight of a modern tomorrow. It would be fair to say that technology is a wonderful achievement, but it has the capability to drastically change our way of life. Technology will scare some of those who do not understand it, because they feel they cannot control it. However, it is my passion to change the world with our technology in a way that would allow our future generations to grow as problem solving and abstract thinkers. They would then use their technology to continually change their world as well creating a cycle of change and growth.

The development of technology has become beneficial to mankind for multiple reasons. Including even the medical field, where technology has allowed medical professionals to cure diseases and save countless lives along with combating harmful viruses. Also while we have not finalized our efforts in creating clean energy, we have come very far in an incredibly short amount of time. The introduction of solar energy and hydroelectric power has started pointing us in the right direction. This technology has even allowed all different sorts of people to travel across not only their country, but the world. Bridging gaps within communities helping people reach out and involve themselves in anything that they are passionate about. The invention of the computer was a milestone just as groundbreaking as the discovery of fire. Permitting the idea of communication to be enhanced, and now anyone can communicate with a few button presses on a keyboard with others from countries around the world. Research has now become simplified. Giving anyone with access to a phone or computer the ability to tap into unlimited knowledge through a search bar. When observed closely, many things are developed and created almost every day. For example when the radio waves were first discovered, radio broadcasts quickly followed afterwards. Just like the television and electricity that so many of us use today without even thinking about it. If no one discovered that electricity could be used for what it is now, then the whole world would be an entirely different place. Technology has been proven to improve daily life. Many people use the technology of our age while thy work. This allows people to keep backups of their work and share ideas with eachother even when they are not in the same room. In the modern world, machines have become a major part of our industries as they carry out both parts in physical and also virtual work. As a result, our industries today are capable of producing exponentially increasing goods and services to the public. Along with growth in production the creation of these machines keep people out of the line of fire as they are much safer in the conditions of their work today related to the not so distant past. For these companies all across the globe, time is being saved which means money is being made. Even the booming popularity of online businesses has shown how effective the use of technology can be in anyone’s lifestyle. Sales are now easily distributed worldwide to any buyer and purchases can be done so fast that you are able to push some buttons and have money taken out of an account you have created to hold your money so that you can buy a whole world of things off sites such as amazon or ebay. Technology undoubtedly expanded the productivity of nearly every industry around the globe.

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All of these advances are incredible, but I didn’t find my passion through research. What originally peaked my interests in technology was back when I was just five years old. I would sometimes go to a daycare of sorts nearby my home. I enjoyed the small playroom the most of course. My favorite toy was a tall yellow crane that could move around and act like a crane with the use of a panel of buttons on the side. Everytime I went to this daycare I loved playing with this crane. Sometimes for fun I would ask one of the daycare helpers if I could use a screwdriver to dismantle the crane so I would know how it worked. I always got the same answer; no. Unfortunately I was a bit mischievous and found on in a drawer anyway. I proceeded to dismantle my favorite toy and see how it functioned on the inside. After a few days of experimenting with this crane I was able to dismantle and rebuild the whole thing fairly quickly. However, the next day I found another child had tampered or “played” with my crane. It no longer moved and could only lower the string at the end of the crane. At first I was upset that my favorite toy had been broken, but I knew how it worked and how to take it apart. I proceeded to take apart the crane and found that two wires became ripped. Using a small rubber band and a small piece of tape I returned the tall yellow crane to its former glory. All the while keeping a keen eye out for anyone who would tamper with it again. Through a problem solving mindset I found what I was most passionate about at a very young age. And although that crane was an incredibly simple piece of technology it has lead me in a direction were I will be dismantling and rebuilding extremely complex equipment in the field I end up deciding to work in. Technology seems to have always been a controversial topic. In my eyes technology is the future of tomorrow that I will try my hardest to keep for the good in people and not use it for any weapons or self destructive purposes. I am not the only person who is passionate about technology and many have created types of technology with a number of disadvantages. Dependence on technology is becoming a habit for the people of the modern world. Some say that mankind no longer has the need to think or remember anything while we have access to our technology. Some things as simple as calculators have pushed people away from making mental calculations. The increase in robotics in industry implies the immediate increase in unemployment worldwide. Some areas are so afraid they believe that the devices we have created are replacing the human mind entirely. Our use of technology must be put into check with rules and even laws so that mankind does not become a mindless, heartless creator to an even colder piece of hardware. Except regulations have become increasingly difficult to implement with the freedom of the internet and technologies as a whole. Even now developments of autonomous self driven vehicles are getting closer and closer to reaching public roadways. As the focus for many creators of technology is to reduce the effort mankind will need, more work is being done by the technology itself. People are becoming obsolete by the very things they have created.

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