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Last updated on 28.06.2020

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape

Lorax City is home to 79 million citizens. Lorax City is located on an island between North America and South America. When this city was made the founder of this city ( Lorax Seuss) also discovered a language called Mental (This means Lorax). There are many things that are common in our cities like futuristic vehicles, living style and many more. The population of our city is 89 million but after world war 3 in 2018, our city has reduced to a population of 79 million, which is now known as the world’s biggest war. Lorax City has 0% of the crime rate. Our city is home to all types of people with different religions. Lorax city has all the three perspectives safety, Independence and social connection. Natural Disaster The natural disasters we have here in Lorax City are floods, landslides, and earthquakes.

The floods are caused by all the water flowing into our city from the sea, the landslides are caused when earthquakes happen and the soil from areas that have slopes start moving on the roads and cause erosion. Earthquakes are caused when the rock underneath the surface move or break up. Futuristic technology Technology is one of the best things in Lorax city. Lorax city has robots as workers but there is one problem that what if the robots get out of control and start damaging the city but Lorax city has also covered that problem, there will be undercover people for the protection of our city. There will be an armored suit for everyone in the city in case something bad happens to our city. The suit will also be good for any temperature and will be comfortable. There will also be suits for engineers that will contain all types of tools and will work without using hands. Our city will have invisible phones that will automatically be controlled by your brain with a device.

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About Lorax City

Lorax City also has TVs that get attached to the wall so there is no real TV, there is a wall that is showing us stuff. For safety, our city will have an armored invisible circle that will cover the whole city and for people that are leaving Lorax City will have a small chip attached to their suits. Living Style Living style in Lorax city will be very different from other countries. Houses will have underground bunkers. All the houses will have underground parking with high security. Some of the houses are going to be on the water and the people that will have a house on the water will get a free cruise so they can travel and reach the city. All the houses will be armed and also will be unable to fall from earthquakes. Houses on the water will be covered with a special device so all the sea animals cannot come near the houses. For people that are poor, they will still get houses and will get money from the government for there food and other things. Job Opportunities Lorax City has a lot of job opportunities, some of the jobs are construction workers (males above 25) because our city has a lot of developing to do. We need a lot of construction workers because there are many people living in our city too. We would need some police officers for backup because the robots could get out of control and could harm people. For police officers that are for backup will still get paid.

These are only some of them but there will be many more. Transportation In our city, there will be flying cars that can also be used to travel out of our city and will work from electricity and solar power. We will have maglev trains. Maglev trains are trains that work by using magnetic poles that will be all around the track for the train to run and to make the train run in incredible speed. For outer space, there will be poles that will be connected to earth and all the planets and inside the poles, there will be a train that can go very fast to go to another planet or the International Space Station. Electricity and Energy Our city uses all types of energy’s, for example, solar energy, water energy, electrical energy and all other types of energy. In our city scientists are taking little steps to develop energies. Some of the new energy’s that they are trying to develop is fusion energy and Hydrogen power. They both give us a lot of energy but scientists are trying to make power out of it so when they are ready they can give power to the whole city. To charge things or do other stuff using electricity there will be no plugs you will just attach the thing you need to charge on the wall except cars and other vehicles because they are too big. Health Care In our futuristic city if someone is sick they call their doctor and the doctor will come to them instead of us going to the doctors. Also the same with dentists! Scientists are studying how the brain works. In our city, there was this person who died BUT their brain survived so scientists/doctors made them a robot body with a human brain.

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They are kinda like a test to see how this method will work. Climate Change The climate in Lorax City is hotter than any other city in the world. Our city has a hot climate because our city is on a island. Climate change provides air, water, land, homes, business, and natural disasters. Most scientists believe that greenhouse gases have done the worse for our climate. People are creating more greenhouse gas buildings which are drastically affecting our weather. Before there were not as many greenhouse gases and it was actually helping our climate become warm enough for human life. The new Invention Not only there are train and cars or other vehicles for transportation in Lorax City. This invention that will be invented in 2026 and will be a big surprise for everyone all over the city, the invention is called the Umbrella lift! This invention is shaped like an umbrella and is driven automatically. So how this is driven is a big question from all over the city. This is driven by a pilot inside who is specially trained and will just type all the locations and this will drive by itself. It is just like a subway train but instead, it doesn’t have train tracks it has a magnetic force on the top to make it work. Skyscraper Our skyscraper will be the tallest skyscraper in the world with the height of 900m even taller than Burj Khalifa.

The name of the skyscraper is Lorax Tower. It will be on the top of the Mount Kactus. This skyscraper is designed in a way that it can never get destroyed by anything. Inside Lorax Tower, we will have the footprint of Lorax Seuss and there will also be an amazing museum on the 700th floor. Not only a museum there will also be more stuff like restaurants or duty-free shops. Not only Lorax city is exclusive in the look it is also for every person even for people with different religions disable and able. Today Lorax City is a best city in the whole entire world because of all the amazing engineers. This city could be a big life changer for every person!

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