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How to take care of your garden in summer (and ideas to make it look)

Summer is approaching irremediably. And although it is true that, based on the temperatures of a large part of the peninsula, it is still spring and is ‘fresh’, June has been installed to make way for the happiest time for many people: the months of July and August . What happens in these days of the year? The days are longer and we stretch as much as possible the moments of leisure at home, outside of it and, of course , in the garden . If you are a lucky one and you enjoy your own plot of lawn, you will love reading this set-up planning.

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Cleaning the lawn and removing weeds

Have you located dandelions, nettles and other ‘occupying’ herbs that tend to frequent the garden? If it costs you a bit to identify those that you must do without to maintain a healthy soil, pay attention to the following: observe the undergrowth, you will see that there are plants that grow ‘wild’ and from their seed a strong, robust nature is observed and almost whimsical that you can eliminate with a hand hoe. Those herbs are the easiest to locate.

Be careful, it is much better to wait until these plants grow two or three weeksto tear them off just when they are born. Why? It is proven that, if we cut them from their germination, the opposite effect is achieved: that they grow even more and much stronger. You’ve already located the first group, now it’s time to focus on the second one, where you’ll find the so-called rhizome weeds . What do we mean by them? They tend to spread under the earth through their roots, not through their seeds ‘up’. You can extract this weed with the help of mulch or using your hands.

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A fact: Did you know that not all the so-called ‘weeds’ are as bad as they are painted? Dandelions and thistles allow other plants that we do want in our ideal garden to grow healthier. In any case, it will always be at your discretion whether you want to keep them or not.

Drainage and fertilization: necessary

The preparation of the land is vital if you want to enjoy a healthy, beautiful and fertile garden. What do you think if you consider dedicating an area to cultivation or sowing? We strongly encourage you to do so. Not only will you be the envy of your neighbors, but you will feel part of a natural environment that will only bring benefits. It is demonstrated that the link of the human being with the earth and nature in general brings comfort, calm and happiness. Do you cheer up, do not you?

There is organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer . The first is usually referred to manure, compost or peat, while mineral or chemical fertilizers contain foods such as nitrogen or phosphorus. Several experts support the idea that it is best to mix both (mineral and organic) to create a suitable soil for planting.

Now it’s time to till the ground more or less with a depth of20-25 centimeters, ideal for planting . Try not to condition other neighboring plants that follow their natural growth. Choose well the area of ​​your garden and make a background subscriber by consulting beforehand the necessary information to do it. You can get substrates ready for fertilizer and that way it will be easier until you become an expert farmer.

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Planting time, how rewarding

Although the best time for sowing is spring, it is true that in the early weeks of summer you can make an effort to get the ideal soil to proceed to it. Use a hoe or a tilling machine to make the soil easier to prepare: the more you release the soil, the tilling will be more optimal. Then, rake well and remove any small rock or stone that interferes with the crop. Weeds can appear again; cleans the entire area well and levels the ground. You can use a barbed rake to get a homogeneous surface ready for planting.

It is time to sow. You can choose the traditional grass seeds and cover them with the so called garden recebo. What is this? A mixture of mulch with sand so that the soil retains the moisture necessary for planting. In addition, it applies a special insecticide for insects that lodge in the different layers of the earth due, precisely, to that humidity.

Do you know that sowing causes a certain therapeutic effect on people? It is especially recommended for those nature lovers who wish to occupy their time with relaxing and beneficial activities . The sowing also has a mystical halo that has to do with the premise of ‘leaving something important in the land that is born and grows thanks to your care’. What is beautiful? One more reason to employ yourself thoroughly in your garden.

Irrigation: guidelines to do it well

It is one of the most important activities to keep the lawn and garden ready . Do it early in the morning to avoid the heat when temperatures rise in summer. The method to be used is indifferent in terms of the result you are going to obtain, so you can use the utensil that best suits you for irrigation . The case is to water! And water well … Still, there are some trick

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