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Gender discrimination

Everyone is responsible to eliminate gender stereotypes because it affects everyone at some point in their life no matter your age. You ultimately decide are you act you have the power to challenge gender stereotypes and prove gender stereotype is wrong. We need to work together to solve this problem because it’s not going to solve itself. These changes can be implemented by the older generation not following gender stereotype is anymore and teaching the younger generation that they can do anything the matter the gender. Teachers and parents should be teaching children the true meaning of being feminine and masculine and then it’s not about being skinny wife later but just being true to yourself. We need to empower each other so that we can change the way our society thinks about genders. Companies, businesses and the media need to stop encouraging this idea that genders fit into specific roles and act a certain for example men belong in leadership roles and woman belong in household roles.

Gender discrimination is when you see one gender superior than the other. It is when both genders are not seen as equal and therefore are not given the same opportunities. It is mainly caused by stereotypes, are usually false image about a particular group of people, and this idea of categorizing genders. Social media play major role in gender discrimination because it socializes genders. Our society is also a huge reason because it’s created this idea of what men and woman should be like and people are too scared to break free of these barriers since people judge what it different. Prejudice, your education and little things that you constantly see (only men driving, girls playing with Barbies and boys playing with trucks) add to gender discrimination. In order to reduce and hopefully eliminate gender discrimination we need to increase the diversity of the work place meaning no job specific for a certain gender. Although genders are physically and biologically different it doesn’t mean One gender is better or more qualified than the other. We should not listen to the stereotypes and let society puts us into specific boxes that are suited for gender. We should do anything we want to do in life and not let something as small and silly as our gender stop us. We need to stop listening to societies expectations and impossible standards and and just be truly authentic. We need to built each others self esteem up instead of tearing each other down so that we have the confidence to stand out and stand up agains gender discrimination

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I can stand up for people when one gender is being discriminated and encourage people (not just my family and friends but everyone) to not let your gender stand in the way of anything you want to do in life. I can be a feminist and spread the true meaning about it and try and courage others to also become a feminist. Many people think that being a feminist is about hating males but actually it’s about fighting for equality between both genders. By calling people out when they are being gender biased and by not following the life (the job I choose or the clothes I wear) society wants me to live I will be taking a stand. I, along with everyone else, should be doing this every single minute of every single day because my gender should determine the rest of my life. I need to love and accept everyone for who they are so that they can feel comfortable to be who they are. These changes will be successful because by implementing from young gender quality children will be able to grow up knowing that nothing is going to stop them from achieving their dreams. We are constantly exposed to media which without even knowing it’s controlling on mindset and making us think certain way about genders. By reducing this harmful type of media we will have less doubts and opinions about the roles of genders.


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